Rosenthal The Malibu Estate Meritage 2005

Rosenthal The Malibu Estate Meritage 2005

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United States

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Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot

The 2005 Rosenthal The Malibu Estate Meritage (a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot) showcases the finest barrels of the four Bordeaux varietals grown at the estate. And thanks to exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in 2005, the 2005 The Malibu Estate Meritage positively sings from the glass. It is in our experience the greatest single Meritage from Rosenthal to date. And as one has come to expect from this exceptional property, the 2005 The Malibu Estate Meritage possesses the deep, haunting color and evocative aromatics for which Rosenthal is justly renowned. Enticing aromas of blackberry, coffee, espresso, and subtle spice immediately ingratiate themselves to the pleading nose. And in the mouth one discovers a well of black fruit, dark chocolate, eucalyptus, and smooth-grained oak flavors that unfold in the glass to offer layer upon layer of pleasure. From the first sip, this intensely appealing wine announces its pedigree with superb depth, flavor, and structure. Moreover, the 2005 Malibu Estate Meritage has many more years ahead of it to grow. Alluring already, the newly released 2005 Rosenthal The Malibu Estate Meritage will continue to mature beautifully for years to come. For optimal enjoyment, we suggest serving this knock-out Bordeaux blend at cool room temperature (60º-66º F) after an hour of aeration. Enjoy!
Rosenthal’s The Malibu Estate wines serve as bellwethers of conviviality and grace at table, and with five plus years of bottle age under its belt the 2005 Rosenthal The Malibu Estate Meritage is ready to take its place at table. Making its appearance at intimate Hollywood gatherings and exclusive restaurants across the country places The Malibu Estate Meritage in the company of some of the tastiest and most imaginative meals in the land. Consequently, fine cuts of meat, exquisite cheeses, complex sauces and the savory aspects of a meal provide natural companions to this stylish, forceful Bordeaux blend. Consequently, Mint and Sage Infused Rack of Lamb provides an especially tasty accomplice, as the pronounced flavor of the lamb melds perfectly with the rich flavors in this wine. Filet Mignon and Châteaubriand offer equally fine accompaniments. Carpaccio of Bison With Shaved Parmesan Reggiano, served on a bed of organic greens; duck breast; venison; spit roasted hens; and ostrich provide excellent complements to the 2005 Rosenthal The Malibu Estate Meritage, too. For optimal enjoyment, allow this offering an hour or more to breathe before serving. Although rich and utterly satisfying now, this wine will continue to mature for at least another five years, adding depth and weight to its already tantalizing mid palate. In an ideal world, one has a bottle of this wine at table resting in a decanter and a case in the cellar gaining interest. Enjoy!
The Malibu Estate, the country home of George Rosenthal, continues to produce Southern California’s finest wines. In the 19th century, Los Angeles County was reputed to have been the leading producer of premium wine in California, but with the advent of phylloxera and Pierce’s Disease, followed by urban sprawl, wine production had nearly ceased in Los Angeles County and in much of Southern California as early as the 1950’s. Such was the unhappy state of wine affairs in and around Los Angeles until 1987, when George Rosenthal planted a prime portion of his Malibu ranch to European varietals and put Malibu and Los Angeles County back on California’s viticultural map. Others have followed suit in an attempt to emulate The Malibu Estate’s success, but none have thus far managed to fashion wines as compelling as Rosenthal’s The Malibu Estate. Critics have commented that The Malibu Estate has two distinct levels of wine: great and greater. And after two decades of splendid wines, it would be hard to argue against that summation. The estate’s low yields and small production make it difficult to turn out anything but the best. This winery fashions ripe, succulent Merlot and exceptional estate Cabernet Sauvignon, but recently it is Rosenthal’s Meritage (a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot) that appears to be the crown jewel at the estate. However, with Rosenthal’senviable record with red Bordeaux varietals, it would be easy to lose sight of the fact that The Malibu Estate also produces one of Southern California’s most compelling Chardonnays, albeit it in small quantities. In fact, the estate’s Chardonnay may still be California’s best kept secret. All of Rosenthal’s estate bottled wines are made using sustainable methods of agriculture and now bear the distinct Malibu Newton Canyon appellation. The force and vision behind Rosenthal Estate Wines is of course George Rosenthal. George has been a real estate developer, restaurant/hotel owner, movie mogul, and breeder of fine Andalusian horses. However, today, his primary passion is fashioning Rosenthal The Malibu Estate into a living, sustainable work of art. The artist in residence is French winemaker Christian Rougenet, who spares no expense in the pursuit of full throttle, highly extracted wines of distinction. At Rosenthal Estate Wines The Malibu Estate, the grapes are entirely handpicked from low yield vines and the resulting hand crafted wines are all aged in the finest French oak barrels. The estate’s red wines are bottled un-fined and un-filtered. Moreover, no wine is released until it is ready to drink, a practice that defies contemporary economic exigencies but aptly defines this estate’s commitment to quality.
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