La Posta Armando Bonarda 2022

La Posta Armando Bonarda 2022

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The 2022 La Posta Armando Bonarda (92 Points – Descorchados) immediately captures the eye with its crystalline brilliance and intense ruby red color. However, what’s most impressive is the wine’s flamboyant aroma, a delightful mélange of crushed red raspberries, sandalwood, and dark chocolate. The newly released 2022 La Posta Armando Bonarda continues to impress in the mouth with rich berry flavors, smoky spice tones, and juicy mouthwatering acidity, which dances across the tongue before exiting with a delightful and refreshing flourish. The wine’s racy, hedonistic style and seamless structure make it an ideal wine to drink over the next several years, but there is no need to wait. For ultimate enjoyment, we suggest serving the 2022 La Posta Armando Bonarda at cool room temperature (58°-62° F) after 10-15 minutes of aeration. Anticipated maturity: 2024-2027. Enjoy!

La Posta’s food friendly 2022 Armando Bonarda brings a joyful welcome to any table. It provides tasty companionship to chicken, beef, pork, pasta, and a host of savory Italian and Argentinean favorites. Charcuterie, cannelloni, lasagna, pizza, and savory eggplant dishes pair especially well with Estela Armando’s juicy 2022 La Posta Bonarda. Quesadillas and cheese or meat filled empanadas make splendid companions, too. Pulled chicken and pork and almost anything with barbeque sauce also earns two thumbs up. Grilled Polenta served with a wild mushroom ragout and Lentil Quinoa Carrot Cakes with a mild tahini sauce and crumbled feta offer additional accompaniments to please in the company of La Posta’s 2022 Armando Bonarda. Buen Provecho!

The 2022 La Posta Armando Bonarda makes an ideal accompaniment to many kinds of cheeses. Fontina, Asiago, Provolone, Grana, and Parmigiano Reggiano provide especially tasty companions. Aged Gouda and Pecorino Toscano also provide flavorful accompaniments to the 2022 La Posta Armando Bonarda, especially when served at the end of a fine meal. For more superb wine and cheese pairings or to learn more about gourmet cheeses, join us at Enjoy!

La Posta was created by fourth generation vintner Laura Catena whose family is practically synonymous with the wines of Argentina and widely regarded as the first family of Argentinean wine. La Posta fashions several special Malbecs and an exceptional Bonarda, each from a distinguished, individual family vineyard. La Posta’s Armando Bonarda emanates from Estela Armando’s family’s nearly 60-year-old vineyard in northeastern Mendoza. The Armando family’s Bonarda vineyard is renowned for yielding wines of an intense ruby color, rich berry flavors, and a beautiful cache of sandalwood. La Posta’s 2022 Armando Bonarda (this month’s feature) has received many 90+ point ratings from Descorchados (South America’s leading wine review), James Suckling, and others. It has also been the recipient of numerous accolades at trade and consumer tastings.

La Posta translates to “the tavern,” where local farmers meet to discuss their soils, their vines, their quest for superior flavors, and their passions for life. In collaboration with wine pioneer Laura Catena and esteemed wine grower Estela Armando, La Posta highlights the hard work and skills of the people behind many of the finest old vine family vineyards in Argentina.

Bonarda is one of Argentina’s most planted grape varieties, second only to Malbec in popularity and in the sheer number of acres under cultivation. Nonetheless, Bonarda’s precise origin remains obscure and subject to considerable debate. Although many believe the grape to be the red Italian varietal Bonarda Piemontese, other experts disagree. Some researchers have proposed that Argentina’s Bonarda may actually be Bonarda Novarese (aka Uva Rara or Rare Grape), yet another but unrelated red Italian grape variety that is widely planted in Lombardy and Piedmont in contrast to its name. To further confuse the matter, the Bonarda of Argentina is also known as Charbono and Douce Noir, a grape whose origin points to the alpine region of France that borders Italy, while several additional un-related grape varieties also bear the name Bonarda. Regardless of the grape’s name and origin, Bonarda from Argentina is unique. It yields an intense ruby red wine, flamboyant aromatics, and juicy red fruit flavors, which is why it remains popular in its spiritual home – Argentina. Bonarda is most often enjoyed in its youth; however, old vine examples can be quite robust and improve considerably with several years of bottle age.

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