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Château du Trignon Côtes-du-Rhône 2015

Château du Trignon Côtes-du-Rhône 2015

Wine Club featured in Premier Series - 2 Reds Masters Series - 2 Reds



Wine vintage:


Grape varietals:

Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah

Serving Temperature:

60° F

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The 2015 Château du Trignon Côtes-du-Rhône displays a brilliant, intense ruby color and a wealth of savory scents and flavors, which mark it as classic Côtes-du-Rhône. The tantalizing scents of raspberries, wild strawberries, and red currants first grace the nose where they mingle with hints of spice and aromatic herbs. In the mouth, the wine reveals its pure berry fruit flavors, which quickly delight the palate and are nicely framed by subtle spice tones and supple tannins. Rather than over-extract this wine, Jerome Quiot has let the purity of the wine’s fruit flavors work their magic. Balanced and smooth, yet full of flavor, the 2015 Château du Trignon Côtes-du-Rhône embodies the beauty and energy of Provence. For optimal enjoyment, we suggest serving the 2015 Château du Trignon Côtes-du-Rhône at cool room temperature (around 60° F), even if that means placing it in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes before serving.

Château du Trignon’s 2015 Côtes-du-Rhône provides a wonderful accompaniment to barbecue, charcuterie, pastas and all kinds of meats. Burgers on the grill, pizza, and classic Provençal fare, too, all pair beautifully with this juicy, supple Côtes-du-Rhône. Duck breast, pheasant, venison, and ratatouille, Provence’s quintessential vegetable dish, all offer exceptional companionship to Château du Trignon’s 2015 Côtes-du-Rhône, while grilled lamb brushed with olive oil, garlic, and Herbes de Provence provides another mouthwatering companion. As a Provençal staple, lamb is the most traditional accompaniment to Côtes-du-Rhône, and when paired with Château du Trignon’s 2015 Côtes-du-Rhône one may discover the ultimate entrée into the glories of Provençal food and wine. Pasta with black olives, red peppers, eggplant and zucchini offers another tasty accompaniment. Smoked meats, cheeses, and almost any Mediterranean dish served with fresh tomato sauce, including a savory bouillabaisse, pair beautifully with a slightly cool bottle of the 2015 Château du Trignon’s Côtes-du-Rhône. Bon Appétit!

Château du Trignon has for over a century been one of the Southern Rhône Valley’s most respected wine estates. With considerable holdings in Gigondas, Rasteau, Sablet and other premier Côtes-du-Rhône locales, five successive generations of the Roux family firmly established Château du Trignon as a first rate purveyor of classic red Rhône wines. And since its purchase in 2007 by the Quiot family of Domaine du Vieux Lazaret and Châteauneuf-du-Pape fame, Château du Trignon has set the bar even higher, moving from strength to strength with its red wines, while becoming equally adept at producing compelling white wines, most notably the estate’s three very limited bottlings of white Côtes-du-Rhône. Each is made from a single white varietal as 100% Marsanne, Roussanne or Viognier.

The Quiots have also expanded the estate’s red wine portfolio, adding a delicious Vacqueyras to the mix. Jerome Quiot has pushed the envelope in regard to the property’s other red wines as well. In fact, he has been known to declassify the château’s Vacqueyras and single village Rasteau and Sablet wines and use them for the estate’s Côtes-du-Rhône. Thanks to his acumen as a winemaker and consummate attention to quality, Château du Trignon’s red wines display considerable charm, complexity and depth throughout the entire portfolio, thereby raising the bar for the entire region.

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