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Bodegas Borsao Campo de Borja Borsao 2006

Bodegas Borsao Campo de Borja Borsao 2006

A brilliant, ruby red with purple highlights the 2006 Bodegas Borsao Campo de Borja paints a picture of pleasure, as straight away it offers the taster an indication of just how pretty and satisfying this lovely blend of Grenache (80%) and Tempranillo (20%) will be. An enticing nose of cherry and strawberry fruit is the next cue. However, what confirms one's highest hopes and dreams and ultimately seals the deal is the abundance of juicy round fruit that the 2006 Borsao unleashes on the palate to caress the tongue and enliven the senses. Wow! In short, the 2006 Bodegas Borsao is a beautiful, balanced wine that reminds us of the finest red Côtes-du-Rhône from the south of France, but to Borsao's credit it outperforms most of the Côtes-du-Rhône offerings we have tasted recently. Simply put, Bodegas Borsao's 2006 Campo de Borja is the kind of fresh, juicy, easy drinking red wine that consumers should be buying by the case load, or better still the trunk load. No wonder it is on every critic's Top 100 List. Although good right out of the gate, we suggest for optimum enjoyment that you allow the 2006 Campo de Borja Borsao 15-20 minutes to breathe prior to serving at cool room temperature (no more than 66° F). Enjoy!
The 2006 Bodegas Borsao Campo de Borja Borsao is no fussy customer. This juicy vibrant red is wonderful with everyday fare, including chicken, hamburgers, pasta, and pizza. It also provides a total makeover for Mom's mid-week meatloaf. Traditional Italian dishes and trattoria favorites such as Chicken or Veal Marsala and Eggplant Parmigiana work well, too. Other notable accompaniments to this tasty Spanish red include brick oven baked calzones, stuffed with three kinds of cheeses; and a whole Rotisserie Roasted Chicken, stuffed with onion, garlic, and Mediterranean herbs. The 2006 Borsao is also an outstanding accompaniment to cow and sheep's milk cheeses as well as to Chèvre (goat cheese). And there is no law that states that this Campo de Borja must be served with food. The 2006 Borsao goes down so effortlessly one could easily forget to prepare anything to accompany it; moreover, neither you nor the wine would be any the worse for it.
Bodegas Borsao is located in the town of Borja, which is set amid the undulating hills of Zaragoza in sight of Mt. Moncayo, the highest mountain in the Iberian Range. Borja is an ancient town whose origins can be traced back to the 4th century B.C., and beyond. The original name of the town was Bursao, from which the name of the bodega is loosely derived. Founded in 1958, Bodegas Borsao is a meticulously run winery that sits astride the lower part of the Ebro River, just south of the Rioja and the southern tip of Navarra. This is Garnacha country, home to one of Spain's most important but undervalued red varietals. Such is the importance of the local Garnacha grape in Campo de Borja that this viticultural enclave is known as "The Garnacha Land of Spain." Not surprisingly, Bodegas Borsao specializes in the production of Garnacha, the region's most important varietal. Nearly three quarters of the grape production in Campo de Borja is devoted to Garnacha or Grenache, as the grape is known to the rest of the world. From vineyards located high in the hills of Moncayo (1,200 – 3,000 feet above sea level), Bodegas Borsao fashions a host of Grenache-based wines. The winery's entry level red, Viña Borgia, is comprised of 100% Garnacha, while the bodega's special selections labeled simply as Borsao (this month's feature) are blends of Garnacha and other grape varieties, most notably the ubiquitous Tempranillo. As one would expect, red wine is king at Bodegas Borsao, but this well-run modern winery also fashions small quantities of very good white and rosé wines in addition to its extensive portfolio of excellent Grenache-based reds.
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