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Our Phone Number is 800-625-8238 Our Phone Number is 800-625-8238

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Why not make it easy for your wedding guests to give you extraordinary gifts that will arrive each month! They can simply call 800-625-8238 to look into your registered selections, order your gifts, and to create a personal message for your distinctive Wedding Gift Announcement.

Flexibility - Each gift membership can run consecutively

Each wedding gift order can be set up to run consecutively. For example, if the first gift is for three months to our wine club, the second gift will commence on the 4th month. Or you may choose to receive several gift orders on designated months... for birthdays, an anniversary party, personal holidays, etc. You can easily establish cut off terms so you won’t end up with 120 months of wine... But would that really be so bad?

Mix any of our clubs in one gift membership

For example, guests may set up a membership that alternates between international wines and gourmet cheeses. Or opt to send a six-month membership of gourmet chocolates, boutique wines and microbrewed beers... two months of each service! You are truly limited only by your own creativity!

It's Easy to Register - Simply call 800-625-8238

We'll ask you a couple of brief questions to ensure that your registration fits your needs. And you’ll receive a Wedding Gift Announcement each time a gift is purchased.

List us in your registry as:

The International Wine of the Month Club - call 1-800-625-8238.