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Zenato Valpolicella 1998

Zenato Valpolicella 1998



Wine vintage:


Dry, ripe black cherry fruit, pure and lush, wafts from the glass, providing a heady seductive aroma. Cherry, kirsch, and a hint of almond complement the pretty fruit on the palate. Delicacy and elegance may be the first words that come to mind when describing the overall impression of the Zenato Valpolicella, but there is more than enough flavor and stuffing in this wine to convince you that we're not talking about child's play; this is serious wine for food or unabashed consumption. We found it very hard to resist.
Light, pastas, risottos and simply prepared poultry all make fine accompaniments to the 1998 Zenato Valpolicella. Recently, cornish game hens with a moderately seasoned wild rice made for an especially pleasing companion. A very finely pounded veal cutlet in a fresh, not simmered, tomato sauce provided another winning dish with this lovely Valpolicella. Remember to serve this wine a bit cooler than room temperature, to witness all that a fine Valpolicella has offer.
Fratelli Zenato is a third generation family-owned vineyard and winery. Located on the slopes of Lake Garda, this vineyard enjoys a unique microclimate - as well as one of the world's best views. Surrounded by mountains, the Zenato family vineyards are protected from the icy Alpine winds that sheer less sequestered sights. In addition, Lake Garda itself moderates the local temperatures and creates a mantle of soothing fog which shields the vines from the searing morning sun. Under the watchful eye of Sergio Zenato, the estate's winemaker, meticulous care is afforded the family vineyards, including a rigorous hand selection of grapes that takes place prior to vinification. In recognition of Zenato's extraordinary efforts, he has received numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding Valpolicella. Lugana, and Pinot Grigio. Zenato also produces tiny quantities of Recioto and Amarone, the two local specialties. Zenato's red wines are handled in the traditional manner, whereby fermentation occurs at high temperatures to extract flavor and grip. The result is a Valpolicella with body, flavor and balance. The more delicate whites undergo a prolonged cool fermentation, resulting in fresh fruit driven wines that exhibit both delicacy and breed.
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