Uvas del Sol - Argentinian White 1999

Uvas del Sol - Argentinian White 1999



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An amplifying nose of apricot and white peach burst from the glass. As one taster so aptly uttered, "the Uvas del Sol is summer in a glass". Exhibiting all of the exuberance and fun of summer, this 1999 Uvas del Sol is both attractively fruity and refreshingly crisp. Hints of spice and citrus complement the wines overt floral tones, rendering the Uvas del Sol the perfect summer time wine. Like the ultimate host, the Uvas del Sol is indefatigably charming without ever taking herself too seriously. Enjoy this lovely, sprite wine well chilled.
While some wines beg for red meat to accompany them and others pine for a certain source or delicate marinade, the Uvas del Sol requires only a glass. The Uvas del Sol is the perfect aperitif or party wine. Pour it, drink it and politely ask for another glass. This is not to say that we haven't enjoyed it with food because we certainly have. It makes for a wonderful picnic wine; raising the level of barbecued chicken, chicken salad, grilled shrimp, fried oysters and clams, as well as corn on the cob, to the status of a feast. The only downside to this wine is that in September it reminds us that there are precious few sequels to summer left, so enjoy Uvas del Sol while you may.
Uvas del Sol is an up and coming family owned estate in the all important Mendoza region of Argentina. Founded by Jose Alberto Zuccardi in Maipa, this winery specializes in the production of high quality, easy drinking wines for early consumption. Although heretofore more publicized for its splendid red wines, the Mendoza is garnering both attention and well deserved acclaim for its white wines, especially those from the traditional Torrontes varietal. With a blend of 65% Torrontes and 35% Chenin Blanc, Uvas del Sol is fashioning a delightfully tasty and refreshing white wine (Argentinian White) that admirably displays the virtues of its parentage; crisp, dry fruit and mineral tones from the Torrontes and fleshy fruit and floral scents from the Chenin Blanc. Uvas del Sol also produces a bevy of other red and white wines under its label. To ensure quality, all of the estate's grapes are harvested by hand and are meticulously handled. In order to preserve the freshness of the grapes and to assure consistency in the resulting wine, all of Uvas del Sol's grapes are transferred immediately after harvest to refrigerated tankers, before taking a short one hour ride to the winery's state of the art facility in Maipa.
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