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Turramurra Estate Chardonnay 1999

Turramurra Estate Chardonnay 1999



Wine vintage:


A rambunctious white wine, the 1999 Turramurra Chardonnay is about as flamboyant as Chardonnay gets. It sports a deep robe that hints at maturity, but in all other respects this full throttle white exhibits youthful exuberance along with a host of exotic flavors. A rich decadent nose, redolent with lavish fruit, vanilla cream, smoke, roasted nuts, and hints of butterscotch, more than amplifies the senses. Full, exotic flavors explode in the mouth, while subtle spice and pleasant hints of un-sweetened pineapple perform their tantalizing dance across the palate to provide a long clean finish. Rich and full-bodied, but never flabby, this well aged beauty serves as ample testimony to the benefits of natural yeast fermentation and the staying power of high quality Chardonnay from low yields. The 1999 Turramurra may indeed be out of the ordinary, but that is what makes it so extraordinary. Enjoy!
Age has a way of transforming us all…. some for the better…. others for the worse. When it comes to Chardonnay, only the finest survive and prosper. In the case of the1999 Turramurra Chardonnay, we have a delightfully mature wine, but you need not worry about rushing out to find it an assisted living facility. In fact, this is one spry, independent senior. Consequently, it needs little accompaniment, beyond a hand full of hazelnuts; a delicious baked Brie, served with almond slivers and dried apricots; a classic French Suprême de Volaille aux Champignons, which roughly translates into the finest chicken breast with mushrooms and cream we have ever tasted; or perhaps, best of all, steamed lobster in drawn butter. In fact, you could skip an accompaniment or simply consider serving the Turramurra Chardonnay at the end of meal in place of dessert.
David and Paula Leslie’s tiny Turramurra Estate (a mere 22 acres of vines) was established in 1989 on the north facing slopes (the sunny side south of the equator) of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. A secluded property, a mere 65 kilometers southeast of Melbourne, Turramurra flourishes eons away from the hustle and bustle of Australia’s second largest city. This lovely estate sits on a hill overlooking a beautiful garden and a small lake, all of which lay only a stone’s throw from stunningly beautiful Phillip’s Bay, the mystical body of water that separates Australia from “Van Damein’s Land,” or Tasmania as it is more commonly referred to today. The Turramurra Estate is aptly named for the aboriginal word for high hill, a picture of which appears in some fashion on every one of Turramurra’s wine labels. Turramura’s proprietors, David and Paula Leslie, are warm and welcoming hosts, who aptly set the tone for the special wines that flow from their cellar. Spending time with the Leslies is indeed one of life’s pleasant interludes. Both are passionate about producing great wine. Moreover, a visit with the Leslies is a respite from the ordinary marketplace mentality of marketing and hype in favor of a glimpse into a well-ordered world in which the rhythms of life, the seasons, family and friends play an integral part. Perhaps, it is precisely this couple’s integrated approach to life that appears in Turramurra wines, manifesting itself year after year in a myriad of multi dimensional wines that take on a seamless quality as they age and mature. So, whether it is the estate’s flamboyant Chardonnay or one of the property’s Bordeaux style reds, you are sure to discover the comfort of an old friend or the glow of a roaring wood fire as it wards off the chill of a cold winter’s night.
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