Tamellini Soave Classico “Anguane” 1999

Tamellini Soave Classico “Anguane” 1999



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The 1999 Tamellini Soave Classico Anguane is a veritable single vineyard Soave; it reveals true elegance, freshness and style. What makes the “Anguane” so pleasing is the distinctly feminine spring-like quality which is evident in both the aroma and flavor of the wine. Lemon zest, almonds, clean fruit and a gentle minerality persist in this wine, from the very first draught of the bouquet to the refreshingly long and ebullient finish. The Tamellini “Anguane” is the type of Soave that makes many wonder why Chardonnay remains the white wine of choice in America, and why so many Soave producers content themselves with homogenized, industrialized, innocuous versions of their noble wine: when with a little effort and attention to detail, Soave could be one of the world’s most satisfying and sought after dry white wines. The Tamellini Anguane is a wonderful example of the charm and quality Soave is capable of producing, when it wants to. Serve the lovely Soave “Anguane” moderately chilled and enjoy!
“Serve this wine as the opening act at a party or gathering, and you’ll have more friends than you can count” one taster gushed. “Well, more friends than you can count isn’t all it’s cracked up to be”, quipped another member of the tasting panel “….especially if your friends are lushes like mine. This wine is way too good to waste on the ‘lush’ set. I’d rather serve it to a bunch of consummate Chardonnay drinkers and knock their socks off. They won’t believe it’s not their favorite grape, and they’ll like it even better because the oak hasn‘t ruined the taste of the wine… and secretly, I can hope they don’t like it, so there’ll be more wine left for me.” Whether you serve the Tamellini Anguane to casual company or a special group of friends, we suggest you use it as an aperitif or with a light, well-prepared first course. All of the zesty personality, freshness and medium body in this lovely wine should be preserved, so by all means serve it with simple elegance. Fish, shrimp, hors d’oeuvres, smoked salmon with capers, and even caviar all make terrific accompaniments to the Tamellini. Monterey Jack, Gouda, Fontina and other soft, creamy (not crusted) cheeses from cow’s milk are also fine choices; they accentuate the gentle fruit, flavor and breed of this wine without overpowering it. Buon Apetito!
When Soave is born on a good, hillside vineyard that isn’t ridiculously overcropped; when the passions of the wine grower are noble and well-aimed; when the wine is produced from the noble Garganega grape alone, or with perhaps just a touch of the delicate and etheral “Trebbiano di Soave” that many identify as Verdicchio – then “Soave is truly excellent, and irresistible, too. Welcome to the world of Gaetano Tamellini and his bevy of exciting and delicious Soave. From his simple DOC Soave to his outstanding single vineyard offerings, “Anguane” and “Le Bine”, Tamellini’s wines provide pure drinking pleasure and proof that Soave is more than just a pleasant quaff. For years Gaetano Tamellini was content to grow grapes, which like nearly all of the countless Soave growers, good and bad, sold his production to the Soave Co-op. This massive cooperative monopolizes all but a handful of the DOC production, vinifying millions of bottles of juice, which it sells to negociants throughout the production zone. Is there any surprise then that so much of the Soave in the export market tastes alike – pleasant by quite innocuous? Convinced that his hillside vineyards deserved better and encouraged by the consistently fine offerings he had always bottled for home use, Tamellini took the great leap of faith. He joins the elite rank of only 15 growers in all of Soave who bottle their own individual estate bottled wines. This is especially mind-boggling when you consider that Soave is the largest white wine-producing DOC in Italy. Furnishing his cellar from scratch with the most up to date equipment, Tamellini began production with the very difficult 1998 vintage. With the assistance of Paolo Caciorgna, one of Italy’s greatest white wine makers, Gaetano and his brother Pio Francesco turned out formidable Soave offerings in what can be safely categorized as a less than great vintage. Even more exciting results followed in 1999, a plainly superior, more conducive vintage than its predecessor. Hence, a star was born. Even before the Tamellini Brothers’ debut vintage, importer Marc De Grazia knew a good thing when he saw it. Moreover, his counsel to have Paolo Caciorgna oversee each step of the vinification process and his own willingness to import single vineyard Soave, have paid off handsomely. From some 40 acres of vineyards Tamellini produces excellent Soave, Soave Superiore and two small individual single vineyard bottlings: “Anguane” and “Le Bine”. Each captures the elegance and blithe spirit of true Soave, in its own unique way. This is especially true of the Anguane vineyard, which the growers believe produces the most alluring and feminine of all Soave. Named after mythical fairies that are said to dance in the vineyard, the local cognoscenti say there is a certain feminine sensuality that pervades this vineyard, making it the most popular of vineyards among the workers. Surely, the wine produced from Anguane is nothing short of enticing.
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