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Sobon Shenandoah Valley California Syrah 1997

Sobon Shenandoah Valley California Syrah 1997


United States

Wine vintage:


Produced from the two finest clones of the Syrah varietal, Hermitage and Shiraz, the 1997 Sobon Syrah is rich and luxurious. It has the classic aromas of the varietals, deep black fruits, herb and bark. Yet, the wine’s flavors are rich and silky, owing no doubt to the addition of small quantities of Viognier and other Rhone varietals, as is the custom in the Rhone’s most compelling appellation, Cote Rotie. Although this wine contains a good bit of tannin and will have no problem aging for a number of years, it is already drinking beautifully. Its blackberry, plum and spicy flavors more than match its structure, producing multi-layered flavors and a long, lingering finish.
Since the 1997 Sobon Estate Syrah is no wimpy wine, we suggest that you serve it with a meal commensurate with its vigor. Cornish game hens, beef, lamb or veal in a rich sauce are all noteworthy pairings. We also like this wine with traditional Provencal fare. We suggest serving this wine cool, but not cold, after an hour’s breathing time.
Springing from the foothills of California’s high Sierra’s, Sobon Estate specializes in the cultivation of Rhone varietals, as well as Zinfandel for which Amador County and its environs are well known. Espousing only natural, organic farming techniques, the Sobon family turns out a number of impressive, highly extracted wines from low yields. Although nearly all of the traditional red and white Rhone varietals are grown and bottled at the estate, it is Sobon’s Syrah that has deservedly garnered most of this estate’s media attention.
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