SJ Montigny Kreuznacher Riesling Kabinett 2020

SJ Montigny Kreuznacher Riesling Kabinett 2020

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Serving Temperature:

38°-45° F

The charming and succulent 2020 SJ Montigny Kreuznacher Riesling Kabinett (92 Points – Wine Enthusiast) is a joy to sniff, savor, and drink with abandon. This bright, fruit forward Riesling offers an intoxicating aroma of apricots, ripe juicy tangerines, candied cherries, and a hint of bergamot. Light and lovely in the mouth, it graces the palate with beautiful fruit flavors and a soft touch of sweetness. The wine’s slight sweetness is imbued with a pleasant citrus twist, which provides wonderful balance and an invigorating lingering finish. Each sip of the spry, seductive 2020 SJ Montigny Kreuznacher Riesling brings a new revelation as it unfolds gracefully in the glass. Enjoy this highly rated Riesling Kabinett moderately chilled (38°-45° F) now and often over the next several years. Anticipated maturity: 2023-2028. Prost!

The 2020 SJ Montigny Kreuznacher Riesling Kabinett is a joy to drink all on its own, but it is also an easy wine to pair with food. The wine’s wonderful fruit and off-dry finish afford a myriad of possibilities and pleasures when paired with fish, shellfish, stir fries, poultry, and pork. Pan Seared Salmon presented with a fruit, lychee, and fennel chutney makes a strong companion to SJ Montigny’s delightful 2020 Kreuznacher Riesling Kabinett. Medallions of pork or veal in a light cream sauce offer another winning choice with this wine as do many spicy cuisines from Southeast Asia, Japan, India, and Thailand. Pan fried Chinese or Thai dumplings and crispy fish served with a fruit based dipping sauce provide more winning combinations. Stir fried eggplant and scallions smothered in a spicy, slightly sweet roasted garlic sauce pairs nicely too. Japanese meat and vegetable tempuras also make fine choices with this versatile Riesling as do lettuce wraps, spring rolls, and Vietnamese cuisine. We also enjoy SJ Montigny’s Kreuznacher Riesling Kabinett all by itself, as it sings solo from the glass – so as you like it.

“Wine is not just our passion, but a lifestyle. In our winery in Bretzenheim we combine life and work - because this is the only way to create soulful wines. We view each individual plot as an independent personality that we treat with respect and love, and we want to fill our wines with this personality.” – SJ Montigny

Weingut SJ Montigny is located in the village of Bretzenheim on the Nahe River in the heart of Germany’s wine country. At SJ Montigny, winery owner Steffen James Montigny specializes in handcrafted wines from the winery’s organic vineyards. Steffen followed in his father’s footsteps, a Frenchman, who began cultivating vineyards in the 1950s. Steffen’s innovative approach and transition to organic viticulture has garnered high praise and lifted SJ Montigny to well-deserved international acclaim.

Since 2009, Montigny’s beautiful modern winery is located in Bretzenheim, where life and work are interconnected. Surrounded by vines, Steffen fashions a growing array of highly acclaimed wines from vineyards in Bretzenheim, Bad Kreuznach, and Grebin, with Riesling taking front and center. Nevertheless, monoculture is not the name of the game at SJ Montigny as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Scheurebe, and Pinot Noir all make their home at SJ Montigny where each vineyard is treated as an independent personality deserving of love and respect. Nature-oriented viticulture truly prevails at this Rhineland winery, which translates into wines with heart and soul.

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