Seghesio Barbera d’Alba 2021

Seghesio Barbera d’Alba 2021

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56°-60° F

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Too often young Barbera d’Alba resembles – to evoke an old nursery rhyme – “the little girl with a curl.” When she is good, she is very, very good, but when she is bad… well, let’s just say she is a little rough around the edges and a tad tough to take. Seghesio’s 2021 Barbera d’Alba (from 100% Barbera grapes) is not only very good, it’s downright scrumptious. Intense ruby in color and redolent with the scents of ripe Bing cherries, wild violets, and aromatic spices, the 2021 Seghesio Barbera d’Alba captivates both the eyes and the nose. In the mouth, the wine’s bright, concentrated fruit flavors burst with vivacity. Juicy ripe cherry, bergamot, and balsamic notes ingratiate the palate. This is a full-bodied, gracious Barbera d’Alba that wears its 15% ABV lightly, while providing a delightful, lip-smacking experience from start to finish. Although ready to go from the time it is poured, Seghesio’s 2021 Barbera d’Alba, like all fine red Piedmontese wines, will improve greatly with aeration. For optimal enjoyment afford Seghesio’s delicious Barbera d’Alba at least 20 minutes of aeration before serving it at cool room temperature (56º-60º F). Anticipated maturity: 2023-2026. Enjoy!

Seghesio’s juicy, flavor-packed 2021 Barbera d’Alba provides the ideal companion to traditional Piedmontese specialties in addition to more typical American fare. Tender, flavorful cuts of veal paired with Seghesio’s vivacious Barbera d’Alba provide a gustatory experience not soon forgotten. Veal shanks in their natural juices and veal cutlets pounded and gently sautéed to perfection in butter and herbs also earn places of honor at our table. Yet, more often than not our go-to dish with Seghesio’s Barbera d’Alba is one of Piedmont’s most traditional foods: risotto. Risotto made with authentic Arborio rice constitutes the basis for many a memorable meal. We are especially fond of a Piedmontese risotto made with two or more types of homemade Italian sausage and plenty of authentic Parmesan cheese. Roasted Red Peppers stuffed with herbed Arborio rice or polenta also get our nod. Marinated steaks and pork tenderloins offer tasty uncomplicated pairings, too. Grilled New York Strip Steak served with mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus or haricots verts provides another splendid meal with which to enjoy a bottle of Seghesio’s 2021 Barbera d’Alba. Moreover, Barbera d’Alba provides a fine accompaniment to many of the world’s finest cheeses. Buon Appetito!

Seghesio’s 2021 Barbera d’Alba makes a splendid companion to authentic Italian Parmesan and Provolone as well as Montasio and Pecorino Toscano. It also pairs beautifully with a host of international cheeses, including Aged Gouda and Bleu d’Auvergne. To indulge in the world’s finest cheeses, join us at Salud!

Riccardo Seghesio’s wines emanate from single vineyard sites in the Monforte zone of Barolo. By carefully cultivating organically their south facing vineyards, Seghesio produces correspondingly small amounts of wine, which are renowned for their elegance and harmony, rather than their brute strength. Since the passing of his brother Aldo, Riccardo is assisted by his nephews Marco and Sandro, both trained agricultural technicians in the vineyards and cellar, and by his niece Michela.

Seghesio’s style reflects the ultimate in elegance and finesse – qualities rarely seen in Barbera d’Alba or even Barolo from other Piedmont producers. In addition to the winery’s outstanding Barbera d’Alba, Seghesio also fashions two exceptional Barolo wines, Barolo Castelletto and in some vintages a single vineyard offering designated La Villa. Both wines emanate from the La Villa vineyard, and they share similar attributes, including exceptional color, an entrancing bouquet, superb texture, and a long lingering finish. Exceptional Dolcetto d’Alba and Nebbiolo flow, too, from slopes downhill from La Villa. Not surprisingly, low yields, excellent terroir, and the superb winemaking skills practiced at Seghesio have catapulted this gem of a property to the top echelon of Piedmontese producers.

In the north of Italy, nestled just beneath the great Alpine wall as it tumbles out of Switzerland and the gleaming Mediterranean Sea, lies Piemonte. It is a region of myriad beauty, with its steep rolling hills and medieval villages. It is also the region of Italy closest to France in proximity as well as in the sheer quality and variety of exceptional wines it produces. For centuries, Italy’s Piedmont remained a prize to be won among warring European powers, no doubt at least in part on account of the province’s world famous cuisine that still draws happily on the abundance and quality of local white truffles. Yet, today it is the superbly made wines of Italy’s Piedmont that garner the most international recognition: complex, hedonistic red wines in the form of Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera; still delicate whites the likes of Arneis and Gavi; and sweet haunting Muscats from Asti. With such exquisite fare, should anyone question why the hearty robust delights of the Piedmontese table remain the region’s most famous ambassadors to a hungry and thirsty world?

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