Pierre Delatour Côtes de Gascogne Colombard Chardonnay 2011

Pierre Delatour Côtes de Gascogne Colombard Chardonnay 2011

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Wine vintage:


Grape varietals:

Chardonnay, Colombard

Serving Temperature:

37°-42° F

France is renowned for its treasure trove of splendid country wines that immediately ingratiate themselves to the thirsty throat, but very few of that nation’s country whites can match the freshness and immediate appeal of white Côtes de Gascogne. Pierre Delatour’s 2011 Colombard Chardonnay resonates with all of the charm and up-front appeal one has come to expect from the crowd pleasing white wines of Côtes de Gascogne. Delatour’s striking greenish gold robe and intense aromatic fireworks set the table for this wine’s suave round fruit and remarkable freshness, both of which appear to burst from an inner core. Crisp apple, pear, and grapefruit flavor come to fore on the palate and are almost immediately followed by a subtle minerality and crisp, racy citrus tones that cleanse the palate and make the eager gullet beg for more. We suggest serving this delightful dandy moderately to well chilled (37°-42° F). Enjoy!

Pierre Delatour’s 2011 Côtes de Gascogne Colombard Chardonnay makes for a wonderful aperitif or superb opening act to a special meal with family and friends. It doesn’t need much to shine, but we found it especially appealing with simple, easy to prepare foods. Cheese, grilled fish, salads, wraps, and what the French fondly refer to as charcuterie all provide ideal accompaniments to the 2011 Delatour Colombard Chardonnay. One particular favorite is fresh figs, stuffed with almonds and mild goat cheese. Serrano ham crisps and ripe honeydew melon wrapped with prosciutto offer other tasty treats with this wine. Grilled cod or flounder, stuffed with crabmeat, provides yet another splendid accompaniment. Chicken salad wraps and Asian stir fries work wonders with this wine as well, so Bon Appétit!

Pierre Delatour comes to us as the handiwork of Maison Bouey, a leading purveyor of fine Bordeaux wines as well as exemplary Côtes de Gascogne. The Boueys have been wine growers in southwest France since 1821. And since the Bouey family opened their winery’s doors in 1958, they have been wowing consumers with authentic, award winning wines. Pierre Delatour and the Boueys’ two Médoc properties, Château Maison Blanche and Château Lestruelle, constitute the family’s most renowned offerings.

While the Boueys’ Médoc Bordeaux estates specialize in the production of fine red wines, Pierre Delatour crafts several delicious white Côtes de Gascogne offerings. Côtes de Gascogne lay southwest of Bordeaux and the Garonne River between the Atlantic Ocean and the towering Pyrenees Mountains. It is a pastoral land of rolling hills and valleys, whose climate and soil (a mixture of clay and sand) support the production of some of France’s most enjoyable country wines from Colombard, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and several other indigenous white grape varieties. Nearly all of the white wines entitled to Côtes de Gascogne status are vinified at cold temperatures and aged exclusively in stainless steel to retain freshness and aromatic intensity.

In addition to turning out a bevy of delicious white wines, Côtes de Gascogne enjoys an esteemed reputation as the home of Armagnac, France’s oldest and perhaps most revered distilled spirit.

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