Nugan Estate McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz 2018

Nugan Estate McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz 2018

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58°-62° F

Imbued with an impenetrable robe of inky crimson and royal purple, the 2018 Nugan Estate McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz (97 pts - Decanter) wears its nobility from the moment it is poured. Appearances can be deceiving, but not in the case of Nugan’s handcrafted single vineyard 2018 McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz. This wine has it all going on, and then some, beginning with a deep-down aroma redolent with blackberry and dark fruits, allspice, cardamom, and roasted espresso. In the mouth, the 2018 Nugan Estate McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz is completely endearing, offering draughts of blackberry and bramble, cacao, vanillin and Christmas spices. For optimal enjoyment, afford the award-winning 2018 Nugan Estate McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz at least 20-30 minutes of aeration before serving at cool room temperature (58°-62° F). Enjoy!

Nugan’s exceptional 2018 Nugan Estate McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz is a tour de force from this upwardly mobile estate. The wine’s rich fruit and well-integrated tannins lend themselves to pairing with beef, lamb, poultry, and pork as well as a host of spicy curries and stir fries. It is equally at home at a grand dinner party as it is at a hearty mid-week meal. Whether it is Beef Wellington or a simple roasted chicken that graces the table, Nugan’s 2018 Estate McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz is ready to please. Osso Buco earns Nugan’s top choice with its flagship wine. Beef medallions served over sour cream mashed potatoes with root vegetables make another fine accompaniment, as do lamb kebobs, caramelized pork spareribs, and white meat chicken curry with coconut milk, onions, and bamboo shoots cooked in Thai yellow curry, which will make your mouth water. Simple vegetarian dishes and southern Italian specialties, such as Three Cheese Lasagna with spicy Italian sausages, also make fine companions to serve with Nugan’s award winning 2018 McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz.

Nugan Estate is a third generation family owned and run winery. It began as a humble fruit and vegetable business in 1940 under the guidance of the estate’s founder, Alfredo Nugan, who had recently emigrated from Spain. Alfredo Nugan, however, had a clear vision for his family in Australia and quickly gained success and a reputation for outstanding quality, service, and innovation – qualities he passed along to his son Ken, Ken’s wife Michelle, and his grandchildren Mathew and Tiffany who now run the estate. With the next generation and Australia’s burgeoning wine industry, the leap from quality produce to fine wine was a natural one, which turns out to be the same path trodden by many of California’s leading wineries, many of which began their ascent with fruits and vegetables.

Today, Nugan Estate is the 18th largest vineyard holder in Australia with more than 2,500 acres of vines, and it remains entirely family owned – a rarity in Australia where large corporations dominate the wine industry. What also sets Nugan apart is the number of high quality single vineyard estate wines it produces, including the 2018 Nugan Estate McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz, recipient of Decanter’s World Wine Awards Platinum Medal (97 Points) and this month’s feature. In addition to the Nugan Estate McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz, Nugan fashions additional award winning single vineyard Shiraz offerings as well as an exceptional Dried Grape Shiraz in the style of Italy’s Amarone, plus award winning Chardonnay in the estate’s Frasca Lane Chardonnay. Nugan’s vineyards are in prized areas of McLaren Vale, South Australia and Riverina, New South Wales. Each of Nugan’s estate and single vineyard wines are fermented in small batches and handcrafted.

McLaren Vale is one of South Australia’s most important wine growing appellations. It is also a region rich in history that rightfully covets its reputation as the birthplace of the Australian wine industry. Enhanced by its proximity to Adelaide as well as its superb climate, Mediterranean beauty, food, wine, and art culture, McLaren Vale thrives as a viticultural area as well as an important tourist destination. Most importantly, McLaren Vale is renowned for the quality, power and grace of its wines, many of which emanate from some of the world’s oldest vines.

Nestled between rolling hills and a picturesque coastline, McLaren Vale’s Mediterranean climate has created ideal conditions for the cultivation of red varietals, especially Shiraz, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon. Moreover, McLaren Vale has become a leader in environmentally sustainable viticulture.

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