Marco Felluga Molamatta Collio Bianco 2003

Marco Felluga Molamatta Collio Bianco 2003



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A rare and exciting blend of Tocai Friulano (40%), Pinot Bianco (40%), and Ribolla Gialla (20%), the 2003 Marco Felluga Molamatta is a wine of distinctive flavor, substance, style, and quality. The scent of stone fruits, minerals, and hints of exotic spices haunt the aromatic profile of this lovely wine. On the palate, the Molamatta is rich in fruit and rather full-bodied for an Italian white wine, but pleasantly dry. It also possesses a long luxuriant finish that summarizes all the scents and savors that abide in this wonderful wine, leaving the taster completely bedazzled, if not utterly satisfied. In typical Felluga fashion, a glass of Molamatta is an invitation to partake of sunshine in a glass. Served cool, lightly chilled, or iced, the 2003 Marco Felluga Molamatta is a rare and venerable treat. Enjoy!
Given the wealth of flavor and supreme style of the 2003 Marco Felluga Molamatta, successful food pairings are not hard to come by. Some of our favorite choices include a wide range of seafood dishes, including scallops prepared almost any way imaginable. Whether the scallops are grilled or baked in a traditional Coquilles St. Jacques, they provide a splendid accompaniment to the Molamatta. Chicken offers another fine backdrop with which to showcase this wine. One especially simple but complementary dish is Oregano Chicken; whereby, pounded chicken breasts are baked with lemon, butter, white wine, and oregano, and with just five minutes left to cook are coated with a thin layer of melted mozzarella cheese. Yum!
The Marco Felluga family has been fashioning some of the Collio’s most enchanting wines for four generations, and now with more than a hundred years of experience this estate is undeniably Collio’s brightest star. Located in the extreme northeast corner of Italy, sandwiched between the Julian Alps that border nearby Slovenia and the glimmering blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, Collio is home to more superbly crafted white wines than any other region of Italy. Here the natural aria condizionata as the locals call it, provides the Collio with the perfect climate for the cultivation and production of four of Italy’s leading white varietals – Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco, Tocai Friulano, and Ribolla Gialla. For centuries the Collio languished in isolation and poverty, due to the shifting tides of political unrest, which began in antiquity and continued until the end of the Second World War. Therefore, it was not until after World War II and Europe’s ensuing stability that the Collio began its meteoric viticultural ascent. However, its land has always been ideal for the cultivation of the vine and one of the Collio’s earliest and most renowned vineyards, Russiz, has produced extraordinary wine for centuries. In fact in 1868, the Villa Russiz winery was established near Capriva to support a renowned orphanage. Today, Russiz remains Marco Felluga’s prized Pinot Grigio vineyard and the source of this estate’s single vineyard Russiz Superiore. In addition to its award winning Pinot Grigio, the folks at Marco Felluga also fashion excellent Tocai Friulano and an outstanding proprietary white wine called Molamatta along with other traditional Collio varietals. Although renowned for white wines, Marco Felluga also produces small quantities of very fine Merlot.
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