Lunelli Terre Di Pietra Vigneti delle Dolomiti Rosso 2001

Lunelli Terre Di Pietra Vigneti delle Dolomiti Rosso 2001



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A deeply colored wine with a very amplifying nose, the 2001 Lunelli Terre Di Pietra contains a wealth of appealing flavors in a very unique format. Scents of plum, earthy woodlands, violets and black fruits waft from this wine and grow steadily in both appeal and intensity as the wine unfolds in the glass or decanter. Cassis, cedar, and coffee tones that are so reminiscent of first class Bordeaux can be found in the flavor profile of this wine, but that’s not all. The Terre Di Pietra has great tactile appeal, which develops with prolonged aeration, revealing velvety Burgundian qualities and a distinct minerality (from the Teroldego and Lagein not doubt) to complement its mirror image – the more masculine profile that comes from Cabernet and Merlot. Together these two styles meld beautifully and complement each other. We suggest serving the 2001Terre Di Pietra fairly cool (60°-65° F) after an hour of aeration.
A wide variety of excellent accompaniments await the 2001 Lunelli Terre Di Pietra. This wine’s complex profile lends itself to both red and white meats; simple elegance and rich, savory sauces; traditional country French classics as well as Italian favorites. A savory cassoulet made with tomatoes, beans, and sausages provides a hearty complement; while, a simple pressed breast of duck, served rare, offers a more neutral but equally enjoyable accompaniment. Steak and mushrooms, sautéed with garlic, shallot, plenty of herbs, and hint of truffle provides another bodacious partner that is easy to prepare. Chicken Cacciatore, Eggplant Rollini, and homemade pizzas go well, too. Enjoy!
Every now and then a wine comes out of nowhere and just sweeps us off our feet. Suffice it to say that Lunelli’s Terre Di Pietra is just such a wine. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), Cabernet Franc (20%), Merlot (10%), and roughly equal parts of Lagrein and Teroldego, two indigenous grapes that are grown in the limestone rich, rocky soils of Italy’s Dolomite Alps, Terre Di Pietra (meaning stony soil) is not quite like any other wine we have ever tasted. Perhaps, we should not be so surprised? After all, Italy is full of wonderful surprises and remains an embarrassment of viticultural riches, but Lagrein and Teroldego are hardly on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but then again one should never drink a label, a price tag or only well-known varietals, unless homogenized predictability is the overriding goal. Amen! Lunelli may not be a household name in the United States or in Italy for that matter, but the Lunelli family’s champagne method Ferrari Brut and other first class sparking wines are renowned throughout Europe. Lunelli’s Ferrari line of sparkling wines is the finest in Italy, rivaling and even surpassing in quality many of the biggest and most popular brands of French Champagne. Conversely, Terre Di Pietra is Lunelli’s first commercial foray into the production of fine red wine, and what a first impression this wine has made. In just a few short years of production, it has garnered tremendous critical acclaim, simply by sampling and word of mouth. Lunelli has done no advertising or marketing to our knowledge on Terre Di Pietra, even eschewing cross marketing with their Ferrari wines. Instead, it seems they prefer that Terre Di Pietra stand on its own two feet, meaning consumers and critics, not marketing, will decide the fate of their newest venture. We like the courage and integrity of this approach as well as the quality and individuality of Terre Di Pietra. We trust you will feel the same.
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