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Kim Crawford Marlborough Pinot Noir 2005

Kim Crawford Marlborough Pinot Noir 2005

Wine Club featured in Premier Series - 2 Reds


New Zealand

Wine vintage:


The words light, lovely, pure, and exuberant aptly describe the delicious 2005 Kim Crawford Marlborough Pinot Noir. Ruby bright and heavenly scented with the redolence of unencumbered Pinot fruit, which recalls the essences of strawberry and raspberry, this latest Marlborough release from Kim Crawford should leave the vast majority of French producers of village Burgundy shaking their heads and quaking in their boots. No doubt about it, this is one good drinking Pinot Noir. It combines the purity of the finest New World fruit with the body and texture that comes from Old World breeding. In short, this is one pretty, easy drinking Pinot from its amplifying olfactory start to its clean, smooth, sophisticated finish. We suggest serving the comely 2005 Kim Crawford Pinot Noir at no more than 68° F, after just a few minutes of aeration.
Food is an option with the 2005 Kim Crawford Pinot Noir, but not essential. Nonetheless, it would be a shame to let opportunity go begging. Consequently, we suggest pairing this delightful Marlborough Pinot Noir with light to medium fare. Lightly grilled Ahi or Yellow fin tuna, served over a creamy Risotto, makes a wonderful meal and provides excellent companionship for this wine. Ham, pork tenderloin, and salmon offer other first rate accompaniments. Soft cheeses with no rind make excellent companions as well to Kim Crawford's first rate Marlborough Pinot Noir. Enjoy!
Kim Crawford is New Zealand's most celebrated winemaker. A two time recipient of the prestigious Winemaker of the Year Award, Kim is the first New Zealander to be so honored. In any winemaker's book, these are hefty accolades and honors, but they are especially meaningful to a guy who grew up on a farm in Waikato, the heart of dairy country, far from any grapes. Moreover, some twenty odd years ago Kim had no idea what he wanted to do with his university degree in Botany and Microbiology. Fortunately, Kim had an erudite professor at college in the early 1980's who not so casually suggested that Kim consider New Zealand's then fledgling fine wine industry. Wisely, Kim took his mentor's advice and loved what he saw. Four years later he returned to New Zealand with a graduate degree from Roseworthy College, Australia's most prestigious School of Oenology, and several years experience making wine in Australia, California, and South Africa. Within a year of returning to New Zealand, Kim was the head winemaker for Cooper's Creek Winery, which he propelled to the top of the charts in New Zealand. The Kim Crawford brand was conceived when Kim and his wife Erica were in London. They are fond of saying that the impetus to start a winery and a family coincided over a glass of wine. In 1996, the Kim Crawford winery was born and so was the Crawford's first child. Kim's style of wine has remained true to his initial philosophy and vision. Kim is fond of saying that it was his youthful self-righteousness that helped him start the winery and conceptualize the kind of wine he wanted to make. He says that he decided early on that the world needed a clean, top quality, fruit driven Chardonnay devoid of the heavy oak used at the time, and he made it. He has extended that same award winning philosophy to Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir – all of which he fashions into more award winning wines.
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