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Flying Fish Washington State Riesling 2008

Flying Fish Washington State Riesling 2008

Wine Club featured in Premier Series - 2 Whites


United States

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Light, lovely, and brimming with fresh floral flavors, the 2008 Flying Fish Riesling is testimony to how far Washington State’s Columbia Valley has come with Riesling. By blending grapes from different vineyards, Gordon Hill has crafted an off-dry Riesling with pure fruit flavors, crisp acidity and perfect balance. Apple, peach, and apricot flavors, threaded with a subtle minerality and imbued with a citrus twist, provide a very pleasing mouthful of wine with a gratifying finish. They also make the 2008 Flying Fish ohhh . . . so easy to drink. In short this is one satisfying quaff, and more. We suggest serving the 2008 Flying Fish Riesling moderately chilled (40º- 45º F).
With its exquisite balance, pure fruit flavors and crisp acidity, the 2008 Flying Fish Riesling provides superb accompaniment to fish, fowl, and many spicy cuisines from Asia, Spain, India, and Thailand. For starters, this Riesling pairs beautifully with fried Chinese or Thai dumplings. Crispy fish, served with a fruit based dipping sauce, makes for another winning combination. Stir fried eggplant and scallions, smothered in a sweet, spicy roasted garlic sauce pairs nicely with the Flying Fish Riesling as well. Scallops, lightly grilled salmon, and spring rolls offer other complementary options. Whether the dish is plain or a bit spicy, Flying Fish jumps to the occasion. Enjoy!
Flying Fish is the latest creation of the Wahluke Wine Company located in Washington State’s Columbia Valley. It is crafted by Gordon Hill, Wahluke’s veteran winemaker and consummate Riesling and Merlot specialist. In the past 25 years, Hill has earned the reputation for making many of the highest rated wines in the Columbia Valley. The Wahluke Wine Company is owned by the Millbrandt family. The Millbrandts have farmed the Columbia Valley for decades and are renowned for producing much of the state’s finest grapes. Flying Fish was launched in conjunction with the Click Wine Group, a dynamic wine company headed by Peter Click. This group teams with exceptional wineries from world-class appellations to produce super-premium wines.They focus on signature varietals that showcase the very best characteristics unique to each varietal and region. In the case of Flying Fish, only two wines are produced: Merlot and Riesling. The label on Flying Fish contains a fish icon depicting the Sockeye Salmon that each year travel thousands of miles in the ocean, up the Columbia River, and past several of the winery’s vineyards. This label honors the wild salmon of the Pacific Northwest and helps preserve these and other endangered creatures for generations to come. Since its first release in 2004, Flying Fish has donated a portion of the proceeds from every case of Flying Fish sold to Ocean Conservancy (oceanconservancy.org), the nation’s largest organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation.
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