Fisher Unity Chardonnay 2016

Fisher Unity Chardonnay 2016

Wine Club featured in Collectors Series - 1 Red 1 White


United States

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40°-45° F

Buttery, complex, and hauntingly beautiful in aroma and flavor, the 2016 Fisher Unity (50% Sonoma County/50% Mendocino County) Chardonnay recalls the exceptional California Chardonnays of the 1970s, the very wines that established California as a premier purveyor of Chardonnay, which is far and away the planet’s most sought after white wine. Fisher’s 2016 Unity Chardonnay offers a seductive aroma, redolent with the scents of acacia, forsythia, melted butter, and warm brioche. Ripe, round, and beautifully balanced, the 2016 Fisher Unity Chardonnay charms the palate with pure ripe fruit, complex buttery notes, and a racy minerality, which graciously lends itself to a long, satisfying finish. For optimal enjoyment, we suggest affording Fisher’s 2016 Unity Chardonnay a few minutes of aeration before serving it moderately chilled (40°-45° F). Anticipated maturity: 2020-2023. Enjoy!

The 2016 Fisher Unity Chardonnay is capable of holding court with the freshest seafood and grandest cuisine. Consider serving this sophisticated and flavorful Chardonnay with steamed blue crabs, Alaskan king crab legs, or lobster in the company of drawn butter. Scallops in puffed pastry, poached salmon, or nearly any grilled white fish that is served with an herbed mayonnaise will offer superb companionship to Fisher’s Unity Chardonnay. Crab Imperial, Prince Edward Island mussels in a creamy broth, grilled red drum, stuffed Alaskan halibut, or nearly any hearty seafood dishes that rely upon butter or cream in their sauces will complement this wine, as well as provide ample reason to pour a second or third glass. For tasty parings that don’t emanate from the sea, consider Chicken Cordon Bleu or Chicken Fricassee, or a cheese and pear risotto as they, too, will provide excellent companionship to Fisher’s 2016 Unity Chardonnay. And if by chance a dram of this Chardonnay should remain in your glass at the end of the evening, savor it with a piece of fine cheese. Bon Appétit!

"We are small in size but great in scope with both mountain and valley estate vineyards. Our wines reflect the great care we have given these vineyards; those who drink the wines and those who write about the wines, sing their praise, and we are grateful." - Fred J. Fisher, Proprietor

Founded in 1973 by Fred and Juelle Fisher, Fisher Vineyards has been for decades quietly fashioning an incredible array of highly allocated Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons from Napa Valley, Spring Mountain in Sonoma County, and Mendocino County, albeit in miniscule quantities. Like many of California’s top producers, Fisher is truly a family affair. Fred and Juelle’s three children, Whitney, Robert and Cameron, have come on board to assure the flow of world-class wines from Fisher Vineyards. We are especially pleased to offer to our club members a taste of an exceptional Chardonnay in Fisher’s 2016 Unity Chardonnay.

The Fishers take a two pronged approach in crafting their award-winning wines: one highlights the truly unique characteristics of single vineyard sites, while the other emphasizes the art of blending small complementary lots of various estate vineyards and varietals in order to create the most balanced, harmonious, and complex wines, such as Fisher’s 2016 Unity Chardonnay from their Sonoma and Mendocino vineyards.

In addition to fashioning outstanding Chardonnay, Fisher Vineyards produces limited quantities of truly exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Bordeaux-style blends, all of which are also highly allocated. This month, we trust you will enjoy Fisher’s hand-crafted 2016 Unity Chardonnay as much as we do.

Chardonnay is not only the most widely cultivated white varietal on the planet; it is also the most treasured. Twice each year at harvest time (because the seasons are reversed in the northern and southern hemispheres) in its native France and in countless locales on six continents Chardonnay grapes command premium prices. In tribute, Chardonnay produces the finest, most flavorful dry white wines in the world to which writers and connoisseurs devote countless columns and untold hours exalting its virtues and dissecting its flavors. Whether it be from Chablis or Champagne, Sonoma or the Western Cape of South Africa, or from the most illustrious of vineyards perched atop the slopes of Corton and Montrachet in Burgundy, Chardonnay is the yardstick by which all other dry white wines have come to be measured.

With food, Chardonnay is a peerless match. Chablis and other Chardonnays that see little or no oak provide superb complements to seafood. Fuller, richer, and more heavily oaked renditions of Chardonnay, typified by the finest examples from California, France, and South Africa pair beautifully with more complex fare, such as rich cream sauces, poultry and white meats. Moreover, the finest Chardonnay wines shine on their own, requiring nothing but a clean glass to please the palate.

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