Dr. Bürklin-Wolf Pfalz Riesling 2002

Dr. Bürklin-Wolf Pfalz Riesling 2002



Wine vintage:


“Lightly golden and kissed by the morning sun” is how one member of the panel described the 2002 Dr.Bürklin-Wolf Pfalz Riesling, and indeed it so appears. However, the best is yet to come. Every draught of this lovely wine recalls the essence of Riesling. The delicious scent of ripe apple and pear, liquid minerals, and citrus oil, along with a gentle underpinning of spice, bound from the glass. All of these luscious scents almost make you not want to drink the wine for fear that the enchantment will disappear, which of course it must. But not to fear, all of the wine’s olfactory goodness is born again in every sip, and then accentuated in its long, elegant finish. Although still quite young, the greatness of the 2002 vintage in Germany is already evident in this Bürklin-Wolf offering. We suggest serving this traditional Riesling moderately chilled at approximately 45° F.
The 2002 Dr.Bürklin-Wolf Pfalz Riesling is a go anywhere, have anytime kind of wine. It need not have a cohort of accompaniments to be enjoyable. Nevertheless, it does provide an excellent companion to a wide variety of foods, much like good Chardonnay does. We suggest serving the 2002 Bürklin-Wolf Riesling with trout, flounder, or other white fish. Scallops or lobster in a rich cream sauce complement this exuberant offering as well. Ham and most pork dishes are natural accompaniments, too. And then there is cheese; an aged Swiss Appenzeller would be perfect with this wine, as would many other well-selected, international cheeses. Click here for additional suggestions: www.cheesemonthclub.com and enjoy!
Founded in Wachenheim in the 16th century by Bernhard Bürklin and expanded to its current size and prominence in the 19th century by Dr. Albert Bürklin, Weingut Dr.Bürklin-Wolf is one of the premier wine estates in all Germany. It is also possesses the distinction of being the largest family-owned wine estate in Germany with a total of 275 acres (by California standards this would be a decidedly modest size estate), all of it in the Mittelhardt – the quality core of the renowned Pfalz region. Dr.Bürklin-Wolf includes most of the top sights in the Pfalz, including those in Wachensheim, Deidersheim, and Ruppertsberg. Moreover, two of the regions most famous vineyards, Gaisbohl and Rechbachel are owned entirely by Dr.Bürklin-Wolf. Since 1990, Dr.Bürklin-Wolf has witnessed a true renaissance, beginning with the ascendancy of Bettina Bürklin and her husband Christian von Guradze to the helm. Under their direction, this historic property has re-discovered the Golden Age of Riesling. In the19th and early 20th centuries Riesling eclipsed all other white varietals. This was an era when Riesling was made to be richly textured, notoriously long-lived, and fermented dry in large oak ovals. Then, Riesling graced the noblest tables of the civilized world, and so it does again. Riesling, the other great white grape variety, reigns supreme at Dr.Bürklin-Wolf. Here, this great grape is fermented naturally dry, in the traditional manner; yet, it retains all the luscious golden goodness for which the finest Rieslings are world-renowned. In essence, the wines of Dr.Bürklin-Wolf are all about natural fruit rather than residual sugar, thanks to excellent winemaking skills and noble terroir.
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