Domaine Thibert Pouilly Fuisse 2000

Domaine Thibert Pouilly Fuisse 2000



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The 2000 Thibert Pouilly Fuisse bears the clean, seductive glean of the finest Pouilly Fuisse: a pale yellow robe that captures the sun, promising pleasure, refreshment, and never to disappoint. In the bouquet, this medium-bodied effort displays a complex combination of rich buttery components, without the excesses so often provoked in California Chardonnay by over zealous oakophiles. This wine's flavor is a refreshing combination of mineral and fruit, followed by a clean, dry, elegant finish. Drink the Thibert Pouilly Fuisse between 50°-55°F for optimum enjoyment.
As King of the Maconais and all southern Burgundy, Pouilly Fuisse needs no accompaniment to shine. In fact, there is probably no better, and certainly no more gratifying aperitif than Pouilly Fuisse, and the 2000 Thibert is no exception. It goes perfectly well on its own; yet, it pairs well, too, with fish, white meats, and light cheeses. Since elegance and breed are this wine's strong suit, we suggest fresh, natural foods, without a lot of heavy sauces. Sautéed scallops, clams or oysters make fine complements, as does a steamed lobster in drawn butter. Enjoy!
Teeny, tiny is the best way to describe Domaine Thibert, but because good things come in small packages we won't fret over the frightfully small production at this estate; instead, we rejoice with you that we have any of this fine producer's Pouilly Fuisse to offer at all. Jean-Paul Thibert and his family cultivate 24 acres of vines, half of which they own, the other half they share crop. The estate vineyards as well as the leased parcels are all situated within the village of Fuisse, the finest of the four towns of the Pouilly Fuisse appellation. Due to the village's location in a series of dips and rises that retain the ripening rays of the sun and the perfect combination of limestone and slate in the commune's chalky soil, Fuisse produces the ripest and most flavorful of Pouilly Fuisse. Thibert's wine is no exception. Not surprisingly, Pouilly Fuisse is the one and only wine made at this estate, and it is produced entirely from Chardonnay. Jean-Paul and his family are responsible for the cultivation, winemaking, and everything else done at this estate. All of the domaine's wine is fermented in a combination of stainless steel and Barrique, and then given ageing in barrel. No more than 5 barrels ever seem to get bottled for export.
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