Domaine de Servans Côtes-du-Rhône 2015

Domaine de Servans Côtes-du-Rhône 2015

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Wine vintage:


Grape varietals:

Grenache, Syrah

Serving Temperature:

58°-62° F

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“Pure pleasure,” remarked one seasoned tasting panel member. “Classic, beautifully wrought Côtes-du-Rhône,” chimed several others, while “sexy and elegant” were the words the panel used to sum up their take on this wine and convey their appreciation for the 2015 Domaine de Servans Côtes du Rhône. All the grapes for this wine were organically grown in sand and clay soils in two different parcels from around the domain and from a nearby vineyard in le Moulinas. As was the case in the past couple of vintages, the Graniers decided to increase the percentage of Syrah in the 2015 Domaine de Servans Côtes du Rhône. This increase has given the wine added depth and concentration, without sacrificing balance in the wine. In the mouth, rich blackberry notes give way to deep red cherry flavors and touches of black pepper and spice. Even with the wine’s concentration and youthful power, its tannins remain very supple and round in the finish. In short, it is hard to imagine a more delightful young Côtes-du-Rhône than the 2015 Domaine de Servans. For optimal enjoyment, we suggest affording the youthful 2015 Domaine de Servans Côtes-du-Rhône at least 15-20 minutes of aeration at cool room temperature (58°-62° F).

The 2015 Domaine de Servans Côtes-du-Rhône epitomizes the best of Côtes du Rhône, a wine ideally suited for a backyard barbeque, burgers on the grill, pizza, and much more elegant, substantial affairs, too. Provence’s classic cooking offers a myriad of exceptional accompaniments. Grilled lamb brushed with olive oil, garlic, and Herbes de Provence provides a wonderful entrée to the glories of the Provençal table. Pasta with black olives, red peppers, eggplant, and zucchini offers another tasty accompaniment. Smoked meats, cheeses, and almost any Mediterranean dish served with fresh tomato sauce, including a savory bouillabaisse, pair beautifully with a slightly cooled bottle of the 2015 Domaine de Servans Côtes-du-Rhône. Bon Appétit!

The southern Rhône Valley brims with affordable, delicious red wines, a veritable trove of palate pleasing wines, many of which are certified organic. One of the best of these little gems, Domaine de Servans, is located in the tiny village of Tulette, a hamlet situated between Nyons, a town famous for its olives, and Orange, an ancient city renowned for its Roman theatre. Tulette counts barely 2,000 inhabitants and is completely surrounded by vineyards.

Domaine de Servans was established in 1920 by Hyppolite and Marie Granier, the present owner Pierre Granier’s grandparents. Pierre’s son Philippe is presently the fourth generation of the family to make wine at this domaine. The Graniers are fortunate enough to possess more than 50 acres of the oldest vineyards in Tulette, and they have been working assiduously to push the envelope on the quality of their wine. At harvest, they hand pick and hand select only grapes of the highest maturity and quality level. They sort the grapes again at the winery to further ensure that no unripe or unhealthy grapes find their way into the wine. In recent years Domaine de Servans has also undergone the arduous process of obtaining organic certification, so that all of their wines are now certified organic by Ecocert. The result is elegant, yet powerful red wine with purity and depth of flavor that mirror the domaine’s beautiful terroir.

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