Domaine Bachelier Chablis 2003

Domaine Bachelier Chablis 2003



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Soft, succulent, and eminently drinkable, the 2003 Domaine Bachelier Chablis embodies all the attributes that have made Chardonnay the most popular white grape in the world. A light springtime scent of apple blossoms and the first fruits of a bountiful land greet the nose. Soon afterwards, plush decadent Chardonnay fruit coats the palate and begs to be savored some more, even as it disappears down the thirsty gullet. French Chablis is typically a bit brisk and somewhat flinty on the finish, but the Domaine Bachelier will have none of that; it is easy and charming to the last sip, or gulp, as the case may be. We suggest you enjoy this ripe, delightfully atypical Chablis anywhere between 35°-55° F. Between those temperatures lies a multitude of pleasurable drinking. Enjoy!
There is an unwritten rule that states that Chablis and seafood were made for one another, and the 2003 Domaine Bachelier Chablis will certainly do justice to the myriad of fruits of the sea that find their way to your table. However, given the soft, corporeal nature of the 2003 vintage, the 2003 Domaine Bachelier Chablis provides attractive companionship to more than just seafood. In fact, this Bachelier offering is unique Chablis that can make chicken; turkey; and even game hens stand out. It also has the knack for pairing well with traditional spinach salads, including those with bacon, hard-boiled egg, cherry tomato, and mozzarella cheese. And a light poppy seed or natural bacon infused dressing will just add to that experience. Soft and semi-soft cheeses provide other wonderful opportunities to enhance the pleasure of this Chablis, but given the forward charm and extraverted personality of the 2003 Bachelier Chablis, it truly needs no accompaniment to carry its welcome with it. Undoubtedly, the 2003 Domaine Bachelier Chablis constitutes the aperitif par excellent, as it nobly can and does shine on its own. Salut!
Domaine F. Bachelier is a very small estate that is set among the gently sloping hills of Maligny, which lies in the very heart of Chablis. Here, the Bachelier family makes classic, un-oaked Chablis that aptly reflects the true style of the Chablis appellation and the terroir of Maligny. Typically, this means a bright, shimmering greenish gold wine that embodies an ethereal fragrance; a mouthful of racy, flinty flavors; and a very crisp finish. However, in warmer vintages like 2003, the wines of Domaine Bachelier take on fleshy, corpulent characteristics that can best be described as plush and velvety, not to mention hedonistically delightful. But no matter the vintage, all of this fine estate’s wines are fermented and aged in stainless steel and bottled in the late spring after the vintage in order to preserve the greatest amount of pleasure in a glass. In addition to producing excellent appellation Chablis, Domaine Bachelier also fashions tiny amounts of exquisite Premier Cru Chablis from the renowned vineyards of Fourchaume and Vaillons. All of the domaine’s wines emanate from the classic chalky, limestone soil that has made French Chablis, the only true Chablis, famous.
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