De Angelis Bianco Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio 2004

De Angelis Bianco Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio 2004

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The 2004 De Angelis Bianco Lacrima Christi captures every bit of the flavor and complex tones that volcanic soil can impart to a dry white wine. Consequently, there is nothing wimpy about this zesty full flavored wine that springs from the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius. From its bright golden color to its long lusty finish, the 2004 De Angelis Bianco Lacrima Christi beams with vitality as well as a touch of exotica. In the bouquet, a heady perfume of springtime flowers, crushed mineral, and lemon zest meld with the scent of the sea. On the palate, bold ripe flavors underscore the wine’s bouquet and carry through to a long, dry refreshing finish that both cleanses the palate and restores the senses. We suggest serving the 2004 De Angelis Bianco Lacrima Christi moderately chilled (40°-50° F). Enjoy!
Seafood specialties and traditional Campanian fare are perennial favorites with the 2004 De Angelis Bianco Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio. Spicy fish stews, fried calamari, mozzarella sticks, and thick rockfish filets that have been smothered in a savory tomato sauce all provide exceptional accompaniments to this fine Lacrima Christi. Mussels marinara, fried or steamed clams, and sautéed oysters offer other fine accompaniments to the exotic 2004 De Angelis Bianco Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio. Caesar Salad; heavy hors d’ oeuvres, especially those that make liberal use of mushrooms, olive oil, garlic, or traditional Mediterranean herbs; baked eggplant or zucchini; and traditional Spanish tapas all offer other excellent choices to accompany the flamboyant 2004 De Angelis Bianco Lacrima Christi. In addition, De Angelis’ extroverted 2004 Bianco Lacrima Christi makes for a lovely aperitif. And when accompanied by a spring breeze or the sound of the sea, there is nothing better this side of Paradise.
The De Angelis brothers have quickly become the leading purveyors of excellent Lacrima Christi wines, and with good reason. They are one of a mere handful of Lacrima Christi producers whose wines actually match their breathtaking location. Located on the foothills of Mount Vesuvius, bordering majestic Sorrento Bay, the Azienda Agricola De Angelis overlooks the prettiest part of the Campania. The Campania Felix, meaning the “joyous country” or the “face with an open smile,” is the ancient province of the Roman Empire that sits just south of Rome and neighboring Latium. Like its name implies, this region produces friendly, gregarious wines, and none is more exemplary of the good nature and open character of the land and people of the Campania than the Lacrima Christi wines from De Angelis The estate’s owners, the DeAngelis Brothers, typify the unparalleled character of their enchanted region. From barely twenty acres of hillside vineyards they produce, with the help of Oenologist Angelo Valentino, the two mythical wines of Sorrento: Bianco Lacrima Christi and Rosso Lacrima Christi. Lacrima Christi means “tears of Christ,” and as legend has it the wines of this area of Vesuvius were so named because here, it is said, that Lucifer was cast out of heaven, causing Christ to weep. The De Angelis Bianco Lacrima Christi is the product of two native varietals, Coda di Volpe and Falanghina, which produce a fine, fragrant white wine that is prized as much for its full, rich savor as it is for its uncanny facility to accompany the delightful fish dishes of Sorrento and nearby Amalfi. Meanwhile, the Bianco’s fraternal twin is the result of the marriage of the local Piedirosso grape to the legendary Aglianico, one of the ancient grape varietals that the Greeks brought to southern Italy more than 2500 years ago.
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