David Finlayson Camino Africana Stellenbosch Cabernet Franc 2020

David Finlayson Camino Africana Stellenbosch Cabernet Franc 2020

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South Africa

Wine vintage:


Grape varietals:

Cabernet Franc

Serving Temperature:

58°-64° F

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David Finlayson’s 2020 Camino Africana Stellenbosch Cabernet Franc is a delicious full-bodied Cabernet Franc, thanks to minimal filtration and little or no fining. Deep in color and redolent in the nose and mouth with blackberry, blackcurrant, cedar, and dark chocolate flavors, the 2020 Camino Africana Cabernet Franc quickly seduces the senses with its bold fruit, juicy tannins, and suave texture – all of which graciously keep on giving. The product of non-interventionist winemaking, David Finlayson’s 2020 Camino Africana Cabernet Franc is a tour de force for the outstanding, yet underappreciated, Cabernet Franc varietal. Although still in its youth, this impeccably balanced Cabernet Franc drinks beautifully now and should offer additional complexity and drinking pleasure for the remainder of the decade. For ultimate enjoyment, we suggest affording the 2020 David Finlayson Camino Africana Cabernet Franc at least 15-20 minutes of aeration before serving it at cool room temperature (58°-64° F). To multiply the pleasure, lay a few bottles down, as your reward will be well worth the wait. Anticipated maturity: 2024-2030. Enjoy!

Although the 2020 David Finlayson Camino Africana Stellenbosch Cabernet Franc needs no accompaniment to shine, it makes an ideal companion to the simplest of foods as well as to the finest poultry, red meats, and complex sauces. Thick juicy steaks served with a savory mushroom sauce, ostrich, lamb, and wild game are just a few tried and true accompaniments to serve with this wine. A duo of Veal Medallions and Lamb Loin wrapped with prosciutto ham makes a splendid companion as does Cherry Wood-Smoked Beef Brisket. Roasted Colorado Rack of Lamb served with potato gnocchi, pearl onions, and mushrooms also earns two thumbs up. Roast duck with a blackberry reduction and wild rice makes another splendid pairing to David Finlayson’s gregarious 2020 Camino Africana Cabernet Franc. For those to whom less is more, consider serving only soft, cow’s milk cheeses and fresh crusty French bread with this wine, but no matter your choice of complement, David Finlayson’s superb Cabernet Franc will surely shine. Bon Appétit!

“This wine signifies something truly special to me as a winemaker and is part of my journey in life and wine in South Africa, hence the name, Camino Africana, The African Way.” – David Finlayson

David Finlayson and his family’s Edgebaston Stellenbosch wine estate have become synonymous with modern winemaking in South Africa. Originally from Scotland, the Finlayson family has for three generations made outstanding wines in Stellenbosch and has in recent years been instrumental in transforming the Cape wine industry from a dwindling domestic business to a thriving international venture receiving world-wide acclaim. After much prompting, David Finlayson is now bottling his family’s Edgebaston estate wines under this own name.

The father and son team of Walter and David Finlayson present impressive credentials. Walter made wine at South Africa’s Blaauwklippen winery for more than 15 years where he twice garnered “Diner’s Club Winemaker of the Year” awards in addition to a host of other prestigious awards. While still at Blaauwklippen, Walter purchased the now renowned Glen Carlou farm in Paarl, which he and son David transformed into one of South Africa’s leading wineries. Subsequently, Walter has become best known for producing South Africa’s wine of the year in 2005.

David continues the family’s winemaking legacy. In addition to his award winning work at Glen Carlou, David Finlayson has honed his winemaking skills at a number of prestigious addresses. David performed winemaking stints at Peter Lehmann, one of Australia’s iconic wineries, and world renowned Château Margaux before starting Edgebaston. In 2003 Walter and David sold their shares in Glen Carlou and purchased what is now Edgebaston, a beautiful estate on the hills overlooking Stellenbosch, South Africa’s premier appellation and burgeoning wine town. From the beginning, critics have lauded David Finlayson and Edgebaston’s award winning wines for their quality, value and innovation, and we count the Finlaysons and their Edgebaston winery among South Africa’s finest and our best finds. Apparently, we are not alone as critics have latched on to David Finlayson’s expertise and continue to laud David’s superb Chardonnays, Chenin Blancs, Cabernet Sauvignons, and Cabernet Franc with multiple 90+ point ratings. David Finlayson’s 2020 Camino Africana Cabernet Franc (this month’s feature) ranks among South Africa’s finest Cabernet Francs.

Although reluctant to rely on gender stereotyping of grape varietals or their particular characteristics, a compelling case can be made for describing Cabernet Franc as the feminine side of Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc, whose origin appears to be the Pyrenees Mountains in southwest France, is one of Bordeaux’s oldest and most prestigious grape varietals. It predates Cabernet Sauvignon by many centuries and recent DNA testing has determined that Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc constitute the actual forebears of Cabernet Sauvignon and not the other way around. In its spiritual home of Bordeaux, Cabernet Franc figures prominently in both Left and Right Bank wines, with the most esteemed Right Bank appellations of Pomerol and St. Émilion relying more heavily on Cabernet Franc’s propensity to ripen earlier than its modern, more famous offspring, Cabernet Sauvignon. Add Cabernet Franc’s hauntingly beautiful fragrance, enticing berry, currant and leafy flavors, along with rounder, more accessible tannins than its progeny, Cabernet Sauvignon, and it is easy to see why Cabernet Franc is uniformly esteemed in Bordeaux and increasingly sought after by New World wineries, especially in California and South Africa where it truly shines.

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