Château de l’Hospitalet H de l’Hospitalet Rouge 2003

Château de l’Hospitalet H de l’Hospitalet Rouge 2003

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Aromatic, round, and amply endowed with the deep purple robe of Languedoc, the 2003 H de l’Hospitalet Rouge contains all the splendid red varietals that make the wines of Provence and Languedoc so eminently drinkable. Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, and old vines Carignane all make their appearance in H de l’ Hospitalet. With just a few minutes of aeration, the fecundity of southern France emerges from the glass, exhibiting the scents and savors of anise, plums, blackberry, violets, and the ubiquitous Herbes de Provence. Round, soft, and generous on the palate, the medium-bodied 2003 H de l’ Hospitalet Rouge dazzles with its generous fruit and easy going charm rather than its brawn. No hard edges or tannic overload to deal with here. Consequently, H de l’ Hospitalet requires very little in the way of aeration and is good to go the moment it hits the glass. As is the case with most Rhône reds we suggest serving H de l’ Hospitalet cool (no more than 66º F) for optimum enjoyment. Salut!
Considering the round generous nature of the 2003 H de l’ Hospitalet, it provides excellent companionship to a wide variety of foods. We are especially fond of H with pastas and pizzas, but meats and even certain fish provide excellent accompaniments as well. Grilled Portabella mushrooms; served on toasted ciabatta bread with sautéed spinach, goat cheese, and pesto is another winning item with the H de l’ Hospitalet Rouge. Grilled chicken or rare Ahi tuna over organic greens delights the palate in the company of H, too. In short, most Mediterranean inspired dishes are at home on the table with H de l’ Hospitalet, so start the grill and fire up the pot.
H de l’Hospitalet Rouge is the ultimate red blend of all of all the best red varietals from the sun drenched hills of the Languedoc. Produced by Gérard Bertrand, the reigning king of Languedoc wine, H seeks to recreate in a single bottle all the pleasure and charm of a visit to the south of France. For a long time Gérard Bertrand and his coterie of excellent Languedoc wines have enjoyed a serious following in Europe, but mostly they have remained a bit of an insider’s secret – until now. We first featured a Bertrand Minervois to considerable member acclaim several years ago before this estate’s wines were generally available in the United States, but with the recent international press, replete with corresponding accolades for current releases, the Bertrand secret is finally out of the bag. Undoubtedly, Gérard Bertrand is the most respected name in the Languedoc – the oldest and largest wine region in France. The Bertrand name is associated with most of the very best domains and vineyards in all of southern France, and like his father before him, Gérard has not only inherited the Bertrand legacy from his forbearers, he has augmented and cultivated the family heritage by acquiring an ever increasing array of outstanding properties – each of which produces wines of superlative quality and eminent distinction. Domaine de Villemajou, Cigalus, Ch?teau Laville-Bertrou, and the venerable Ch?teau de l’Hospitalet are all jewels in Bertrand crown and have earned him the rightful title: the King of Languedoc. All Bertrand estate wines are produced in respect to the environment, using sustainable methods and hand harvesting. Each authentic bottle of Bertrand wine also bears the emblem of the Visigoth Cross, the symbol of Languedoc since the 7th century.
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