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Chandon Riche Extra Dry

Chandon Riche Extra Dry


United States

Chandon Riche is indeed luscious and well endowed. It exhibits an entrancing floral bouquet that is followed by just a whisper of ripe, exotic fruit. Rich, honeyed fruit flavors accompany a soft velvety texture. A blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and a hint of Muscat, Riche offers up ripe peach and white nectarine flavors; yet, it never crosses the boundary into real sweetness despite the wine's persistent, long layered finish that is laden with apricot and honey. In the end, vibrant citrus flavors help Riche keep its lovely equilibrium, and what harmony this is!
Chandon Riche is majestic with today's eclectic cuisine and pairs beautifully with many hard to match foods. Riche enhances rich and spicy foods as well as fruit-bases desserts. This wine's round voluptuous style coats the palate and balances the heat of spicy foods, complementing dishes featuring chilies, cilantro, lemongrass or green curry. Riche also works well with rich foods such as pate and foie gras, or desserts like fresh fruit tarts and tarte tatin. We also suggest that you serve Chandon Riche as an aperitif, served ice cold into a chilled flute. Now that's liquid gold. Stay tuned for California's next gold rush. Giddyap!
Chandon, Moet's premium sparkling wine venture in Napa Valley, has once again struck gold with its newest release: Riche. No stranger to innovation, Chandon continues to explore the diversity of sparkling wine styles. Extra-Dry Riche is crafted to be a luscious, full-bodied wine that captures the ripe essence of California's sun-drenched vineyards. To this end, no one in the United States can even claim parity with Chandon let alone make a case for doing it better. Riche is destined to make a splash no pun intended. Although all of Moet's traditional champagne method sparkling wines from a half dozen countries constitute excellent quality and often exceptional value, too, Chandon is the most innovative: this winery captures the pioneering spirit of California at the same time it consistently delights the palate. Chandon combines a unique philosophy that embraces French winemaking traditions with vibrant California style. This philosophy, combined with the company's spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, has allowed Chandon to consistently create a wide range of world-class sparkling wines, which not surprisingly dominate the super premium sparkling wine market in the United States.
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