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Bodega Pirineos Somontano Moristel 2001

Bodega Pirineos Somontano Moristel 2001



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The 2001 Bodega Pirineos Moristel is a bright, deeply colored wine that marries youthful exuberance to a tremendous amount of individual character and charm. Due to the mountain climate and the natural proclivity of the indigenous Morsitel, the Pirineos Morsitel is delicate of skin and low in oxidative enzymes, which translates into a wine that exhibits both freshness and plenty of subtle charm. The 2001 Pirineos Morsitel is infused with the scent and savor of loganberry, black cherry, cola, and white chocolate. On the palate the wine is tender and velvety, and simply delicious. And although this wine's youthful freshness is part of the allure, it has all of the ingredients to develop further in the bottle. We suggest that you serve this unique, highly individual wine slightly cool but not chilled (about 65º F), especially during summer months when ambient temperatures are likely to rise above 80º F. Enjoy!
The 2001 Bodega Pirineos is neither fussy nor prissy when it comes to accompaniments. We have enjoyed this wine with everything from hamburgers to taco salads to paella, and a whole lot in between. It provides a fine complement to steaks, lamb kebobs, and other grilled meats. Hearty, mixed green salads, served with strips of marinated chicken or tuna make other fine pairings with this versatile offering from Pirineos. And considering this wine's youthful exuberance and tender fruit, food furnishes just one option; the 2001 Pirineos Morsitel can stand happily on its own either at a party or as the libation of choice among a few close friends, so as you like it! However, for a special treat, we suggest you serve the Pirineos Moristel with the three specially selected Spanish cheeses from this month's C&H international cheese selection. For more information or to place an order, click on www.cheesemonthclub.com and enjoy!
The Denominacion de Origen (DO) of Somontano is located in the ancient Aragonés kingdom of Sobrarbe in the province of Huesca. However, be forewarned, if you and any ten unrelated people you know have even the slightest clue where that is, you and your entire cohort had better be working for National Geographic or else we're calling Immigration! …. To keep the record straight, Somontano is an isolated, well-defined viticultural region in a protected amphitheater at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains in northern Spain. Somontano is nestled just high enough in the mountains to escape the dust and the Mediterranean heat of the Ebro River Valley below. This is the country, the real Spain, or at least a part of traditional Spain that visitors rarely see - not the overcrowded tourist towns of legend and lore. It has been said that the true expression of Bodega Pirineos is "tradition with modernity," but that label smacks of contradiction rather than integration and individuality for which Pirineos and its wines are most renowned. The families of Somontano have worked the region's vineyards for centuries; yet, it was not until 1964 that the relatively small number of Somontano growers banded together for a common cause and formed a cooperative, which was privatized in 1983 as Bodega Pirineos. Today, Bodegas Pirineos consists of nearly 2,500 acres, a portion of which is devoted to Moristel, an ancient, indigenous mountain grape varietal that grows only in small, scattered plots throughout the Pyrenees. Bodegas Pirineos controls over 90% of the extant old Moristel vines in the world, making this winery the guardian of tradition and the douane of Spain's rich viticultural heritage. And although Bodegas Pirineos fashions several other top quality wines, Pireneos's main focus is the preservation of Moristel, an endangered viticultural jewel. By constant experimentation and the utilization of modern equipment and the most advanced technical knowledge, this winery preserves the past for all to enjoy. Complementing the delicious Moristel at Pirineos are several other traditional red wines, including Montesierra Tinto and Senorio de Lazan Reserva. Each is a blend; both wines incorporate Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, two more familiar indigenous varietals, along with Morsitel. Lastly, an internationally styled wine called Marboré is expertly crafted from the three varietals; it is produced in very limited quantities from the strictest sort selection, and it is aimed at the growing export market as it is perhaps the bodega's most internationally styled wine. The high mountain vineyards of Bodega Pirineos are all situated at well over 1000 feet above sea level. All are dry farmed, and they come from well-drained plots that receive most of their moisture from pure glacial runoff during the summer months. In addition, the bodega practices what it preaches when it comes to élèvage and barrel aging by using a combination of new American and French oak barriques in tandem. In the case of the Pirineos Moristel, the wine spends up to a year in new oak barrels.
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