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Bodega J & F Lurton Malbec Reserva 1999

Bodega J & F Lurton Malbec Reserva 1999



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One taste of the 1999 Bodega Lurton Malbec Reserva is ample of evidence of why this lusty varietal reigns supreme in Argentina. Wearing an extremely deep, dark purple robe signals the wines nobility, but it is the aroma and flavor that we found most alluring. Oodles of fat, flamboyant fruit mingle with the spice of luscious oak to beguile the palate. Rich and decadent, but never flabby, this Malbec must be tasted to be believed. “Utterly captivating,” and “the most pleasurable Malbec I’ve ever tasted” gushed from members of the tasting panel. Serve at cool room temperature.
Beef is the classic Argentine accompaniment to Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon and we wouldn’t disagree with that with the 1999 Bodega Lurton Reserva. Yet, we believe this lusty, hedonistic Malbec is more versatile than most. We enjoyed it with everything from conch fritters in a spicy tropical chutney to buffalo burgers served rare. Ostrich would be another good choice, and we certainly wouldn’t thumb or nose at a well prepared pasta dish with this lovely Lurton either. Come our think of it, we could have made a whole meal out of this wine, so as you like it.
Jacques and Francois Lurton SA was founded in 1988 by two brothers, the sons of well-known Bordeaux owner Andre Lurton (Chateau Bonnet, La Louviere, Clos Fountet…etc.). Capitalizing on the considerable expertise in wine production and distribution acquired through their varied international experiences, Jacques and Francois have set up a major company to produce wine in several countries throughout the world. Their guiding principle is their conviction that it is possible to make good wines wherever vines grow in suitable conditions. The brothers maintain that overall, the improvement in the quality of wines world-wide has not kept pace with the technological progress made by many winemakers, and they are bent on improving that scenario, so that consumers can consistently find in the market the reliable, high quality wines they expect. And do they ever deliver. Presently, the “Feres Lurton” are currently producing world-class wine in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Spain, France and Uruguay. To date, Bodega Lurton in Mendoza, Argentina has been one of their most successful ventures, beginning with their first release in 1992. This brand new winery is surrounded by the Lurton’s own vineyards, totaling some 250 acres with another 250 acres waiting to be planted. These terroirs, selected for the quality of their soil, climate and proximity to pure water, were originally virgin territory, without ever having any input of chemicals. The Lurton’s continue to safeguard these properties by refusing to employ any herbicides. For the estate’s Reserva bottlings, select old vine parcels (some as old as 100 years) at neighboring estates are sourced to augment the Lurton’s more youthful vines.
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