Bodega Huguet Can Feixes Blanc Seleccio 2001

Bodega Huguet Can Feixes Blanc Seleccio 2001



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Produced primarily from the free run must of Parellada, with minor additions of Macabeo and Chardonnay, the 2001 Can Feixes Blanc Seleccio resembles a hypothetical cross between a Grand Cru Chablis and a dry Rheingau Riesling. At Can Feixas the native Montelec produces very small, tight-bunched grapes of great structure and aroma. An amplifying nose comprised of pure mineral, gravel, citrus, and wild flower hints at the complexity and longevity of the estate's Seleccio Blanc. Long and textured in the mouth, the feel of this wine needs to be experienced to be described: it is neither simple nor ordinary. Although beautifully wrought now, the 2001 Can Feixas will undoubtedly evolve for several more years in bottle. For this reason, we suggest you that allow this white wine to breathe like a red in the glass for at least 15 minutes, allowing the chill of the refrigerator to dissipate and the great texture of the wine to come forth. Enjoy!
The 2001Can Feixas Seleccio Blanc is a bold enough wine to hold up to a variety of foods. We have enjoyed it with a grilled salmon, which was served in balsamic vinaigrette with asparagus, broccoli, and wild mushrooms, over a bed of organic greens. A simple chicken and brown rice dish, with onion, carrot, zucchini and herbs makes another wonderful accompaniment to the Can Feixes. Most fish and poultry will be right at home with this wine, as will the majority of vegetarian selections. Several panel members suggest tofu with the Seleccio Blanc, while others attest to consuming copious quantities of the Can Feixas with sushi and sashimi. As always, we cannot recommend consuming any raw seafood due to the possibility of parasites and the variability of expertise in handling and preparation that we have encountered. However, if you choose to ignore this caveat, the Can Feixes should more than fill the bill.
The historic Can Feixes estate is situated on gravelly slopes in a high amphitheater, almost at the tree line, astride the famous Montserrat pinnacle in northern Penedes. This is the Penedes vineyard farthest from the Mediterranean, which means the climate at this estate is more continental and drier that of the surrounding vineyards. The high altitude and austere mountain terrain of this rugged area of Catalonia constitute the tiny viticultural home of the native Parellada varietal, which locally is known as Montonec (grape of the mountain). The Can Feixas estate dates back to 1400 with the arrival of Jaumes Feixas in the upper reaches of the Penedes, and historical records indicate that wine has been produced continuously at Can Feixas since at least 1690. Whether under the auspices of the Feixas family or the Huguet's, the present owners for nearly 100 years, Can Feixas has always been considered the region's Grand Cru. Today, the vineyard at Can Feixas comprises nearly 300 acres, planted primarily to Parellada, with some Macabeo and Chardonnay for white wines and Tempranillo and Cabernet for reds. A small quantity of a special Gran Reserva Cava is also produced from the traditional varietals. The Huguet brothers, Joan and Josep Maria handle all viticulture and enology respectively at their estate.
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