Bergström Cumberland Reserve Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2015

Bergström Cumberland Reserve Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2015

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United States

Wine vintage:


Grape varietals:

Pinot Noir

Serving Temperature:

60º-64º F

A blend from some of the finest barrels from each of the estate’s five vineyards, Bergström’s 2015 Cumberland Reserve Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is the epitome of the Bergström style and the quintessential Oregon Pinot Noir. In 2015, Bergström’s Cumberland Reserve once again rises to the top, providing additional evidence of Oregon’s acumen for fashioning world-class wine from the world’s most complex grape. Brooding, deep and dark in color, the 2015 Cumberland Reserve Pinot Noir offers up savory notes of black cherry, woodland berries, and pleasing scents of exotic spices. Although recently released and still in the throes of its youth, the 2015 Cumberland Reserve already displays a wonderfully smooth texture and mouth-feel along with a deep-down collection of complex flavors. Ripe berries, exotic spices and wood smoke all make their appearance on the palate in this balanced, textured Pinot Noir that unfolds in the glass for hours. Weighing in at a respectable 13.6% alcohol, the 2015 Bergström Cumberland Reserve is neither thin nor flabby, which highlights Oregon’s special style of American Pinot Noir. Already delicious and nicely polished, Bergström’s 2015 Cumberland Reserve Pinot Noir drinks beautifully now. Even better, we suggest laying down a few bottles of the 2015 Bergström Cumberland Pinot for another year or two to collect additional magic. For optimal enjoyment serve this beautiful age-worthy Pinot Noir at cool room temperature (60º-64º F), after an hour or more of aeration.

In order to enjoy the best of all worlds and because great wine deserves accompaniments of equal stature, we suggest pairing the 2015 Bergström Cumberland Reserve Willamette Valley Pinot Noir with the finest culinary delights one can muster. Furthermore, Pinot Noir is the most versatile of wines, so with the exception of vinegar-based sauces and high acid foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits, Pinot Noir often provides the perfect foil to all kinds of meats and cheeses. At the top of our list of favorite parings with Bergström’s Pinot Noir are beef, duck, pork, rabbit, and venison. All can be prepared with savory sauces to complement the flavors of Bergström’s sophisticated Pinot Noir. Roast duck served with a blackberry reduction sauce, a thyme and sage encrusted loin of pork, savory venison stew, and a simple but beautiful cut of filet mignon prepared with a black truffle and Port wine reduction all make tried and true companions to the 2015 Bergström Cumberland Reserve. Bon Appétit!

Bergström Wines proudly bills itself as Growers of Quintessential Oregon Pinot Noir since 1999, and anyone remotely familiar with world class Pinot Noir will attest to the validity of the statement. However, Bergström’s proclamation may well be the most profound understatement in the world of wine today. At the very least, this declaration tells only a small piece of the Bergström story.

Founded by Oregon surgeon John Bergström and his wife Karen in 1999, Bergström Wines rapidly worked its way to the highest echelon of American producers of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Under the direction of Josh Bergström, John and Karen’s fourth child, Bergström wines have unequivocally become benchmarks by which American Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are now measured. Considering the wealth of talent and terroir in Oregon and California, Bergström’s meteoric rise may come as a bit of a shock to those accustomed to the glitz and glamour of Napa Valley or the high powered marketing techniques of the large, corporate owned wineries whose wares can be found in every grocery store.

Although Bergström has built its international reputation on Pinot Noir, each of the estate’s many wines reflects the friendly, dynamic personality of Josh Bergström, Chief Winemaker, Vineyard Manager, and General Manager of Bergström Wines. The burly, good natured Bergström is as energetic as he is engaging. Not only does he fashion a staggering portfolio of world class Pinot Noirs from up to 15 different vineyards, including the now famous Bergström vineyard that lies just outside the winery door, Josh makes two of America’s finest Chardonnays. Moreover, Bergström’s estate vineyards are farmed biodynamically as the Bergströms believe that the purity of fruit they desire can only be achieved through non-industrial, artisan winemaking. And one sip of any Bergström wine is evidence enough that this winery means what it says. Enjoy!

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