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Benito Ferrara Greco di Tufo D.O.C. 2006

Benito Ferrara Greco di Tufo D.O.C. 2006

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Grown on hillside vineyards in Frazione San Paolo in Tufo, the 2006 Benito Ferrara Greco di Tufo is an authentic descendant of the original Greco vines brought to southern Italy by the Greeks. Golden in color like the morning sun that kisses the vines, Ferrara's wine is both bright and bold. In its bouquet one smells the scent of lemon oil, the crisp, salty freshness of the sea, a waft of spring flowers, and a distinct minerality — all of which carry through on the palate. Make no mistake: Ferrara's Greco di Tufo is serious white wine. It is rich but not unctuous; long in the mouth but eminently refreshing; and it is definitely dry. Ferrara's Greco di Tufo also possesses a beautiful texture and an alluring glitter. Nevertheless, this unique wine is hard to describe, as it changes repeatedly over a course of an hour or more in the glass, much like a fine red wine. Although some may prefer this wine at a more ambient temperature, we suggest serving the Ferrara Greco di Tufo moderately chilled (about 40° F); one can always let the wine warm gently in the glass for a fuller effect.
There is no finer wine with seafood than Benito Ferrara's 2006 Greco di Tufo. Whether you are sitting on a seaside terrace in Positano high above the Amalfi Coast or looking out the window of a high-rise apartment in Manhattan, the fruits of the sea are our first, second, and third choices with the 2006 Benito Ferrara Greco di Tufo. Rock Lobster, Seared Sea Scallops served with fresh lime and tamarind, grilled Sea Bass with a fruit and herb salsa, fresh anchovies (not the canned salty strips that routinely find their way into Caesar Salad) soaked in virgin olive oil and piquant spices — and what about sardines? Yes, sardines! Sardines are a Mediterranean favorite that are increasingly popular now in fine seafood establishments across the United States. When paired with beans and freshly squeezed lemon, black olives and tomato, or even chorizo sausage and goat cheese, sardines make for an authentic and delicious pairing with Ferrara's outstanding Greco di Tufo! However, just about any denizen of the sea can be paired happily with this wine. Enjoy!
The Ferrara estate is located in the hills high above the gleaming Tyrrhenian Sea in the famed village of San Paolo di Tufo. The scenic Campanian village of San Paolo di Tufo lies at the heart of the Greco di Tufo D.O.C. at an altitude of 1,800 feet. The original Ferrara property dates back to 1880, when it comprised 40 hectares (88 acres). However, after more than a century of plot divisions among family members, this venerable estate now comprises a mere 6 hectares (a little more than 13 acres). Plans are underway to add an additional hectare, but production at Benito Ferrara will always remain meager and supply even smaller. Unfortunately for many consumers, the demand for Ferrara's handcrafted wines always outstrips their supply, and this is especially true for the two outstanding Greco di Tufos that Ferrara so lovingly crafts. However, there is, of course, a silver lining to this scenario — or rather a gold lining, in the case of Ferrara's Greco di Tufo. For those fortunate enough to covet a bottle or two of Ferrara's precious Greco di Tufo, they will be in possession of one of southern Italy's finest white wines. In short, they are in for a real treat. The vineyards of Benito Ferrara are planted in a unique calcareous soil that is comprised chiefly of mineral-rich rock known as tufa — hence the name Greco di Tufo. Here, Greco di Tufo, the ancient white grape that the Greeks brought to Italy's Campania more than two thousand years ago, thrives. And like most of the diminutive, family-owned wineries just beyond the Amalfi Coast that fashion authentic Greco di Tufo, Benito Ferrara's vineyards dig deep into the hills of tufa from which the Romans mined sulfur. From hillside vineyards facing southward, kissed by the pure Mediterranean light and soft spray of the sea, Ferrara fashions the finest Greco di Tufo. Campania Italy's Campania retains the allure and magic of ancient mythology. From the mystifyingly beautiful Amalfi Coast that still manages to conjure visions of gods and sirens, pleasure and lore, to the volcanic, fog-shrouded spine of the Appenines that bisect the Italian peninsula, the Campania never fails to enchant. Known to the Romans as the Campania Felix, meaning the "joyous country" or the "face with an open smile," the Campania is the ancient province of the Roman Empire that sits just south of Rome and neighboring Latium. As its name implies, this region produces friendly, gregarious wines and an abundance of produce. At the height of the Roman Empire, the Campania served as the granary of Rome, supplying sustenance to the capital and provisions to the legions of soldiers and magistrates who administered the empire. Today, what could be more exemplary of the good nature and open character of the land and people of the Campania than Greco di Tufo?
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