Apollonio Copertino 1998

Apollonio Copertino 1998



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The 1998 Apollonio Copertino has a deep ruby robe and an amplifying nose of ripe fruit, especially red and black cherries. The flavors are of dark berries, with spice and leather notes. There are also hints of smoke, chocolate and pepper in this wine’s lively repertoire of flavors. Full flavored but not hard, the Copertino’s tannins are surprisingly tame, leading to a long, smooth, multi-layered finish that lingers in the mouth. Allow the Copertino to stand open for at least thirty minutes before serving. Quite naturally made and bottled unfiltered, the Copertino may throw a slight amount of harmless sediment which can be eliminated by decanting.
Homemade lasagne, fresh out of the oven, is a great way to highlight The 1998 Apollonio Copertino. “This combination reminds me of Sunday dinner at my grandparents’ house”, reminisced a senior member of our tasting panel. Hunks of real provolone or Parmesan cheese are other good accompaniments to the Copertino, as are most Italian specialties. However, in addition to traditional tomato-based southern Italian fare, we also recommend that you try the Copertino with pork, steak, stews and even game. In our experience this wine will also enhance almost any dish served with a rich gravy. Enjoy!
he Apollonio Winery was founded at the end of the 19th century in one of Italy’s oldest and most important wine producing regions, Puglia. Presently, the winery and vineyards are owned and managed by two brothers, Massimilliano and Marcello Apollonio, who took over production of the estate after the death of their father who had run the winery for many years. The focus of this ancient property is on traditional wines, wines from their respective DOC zones, but in the last several years the winery’s equipment and cellar have been modernized with a corresponding leap in quality. Apollonio produces three excellent, but distinctly different wines. The first is Primitivo “Terragnolo”, the most concentrated of the winery’s offerings. This is a robust, full, somewhat rustic wine that is thought by many to be made from the ancestor of American Zinfandel. The other offerings are Salice Salentino and Copertino, wines made primarily from the traditional Negro Amaro varietal. Each of these deeply colored wines are highly aromatic, lush on the palate, and laden with flavor. The Copertino is, however, noticeably the most sophisticated of Apollonio’s wines, exhibiting a slightly deeper color and even more complex finish than the Salice.
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