Alfredo Roca Family Reserve Tocai Fruilano 2004

Alfredo Roca Family Reserve Tocai Fruilano 2004

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The 2004 Alfredo Roca Family Reserve Tocai Fruilano is one mouthful of wine and one of the most gratifying Tocai Fruilano’s we have tasted in a very long time, and that says a lot. Italian in origin, like many of the varietals grown in Argentina, Tocai Fruilano (no relation to the sweet Tokay of Hungary but rather the dry Alsace and Italian varietal) is an ultra premium white grape that possesses a unique and delicious flavor profile, all of which Alfredo Roca adeptly captures in his 2004 Family Reserve. While wearing the color of the summer sun, this bold rendition of Tocai Fruilano offers up an entrancing nose of fresh ripe apricots, pineapple, and lime. On the palate, the wine is equally full and satisfying. Its flavor profile mirrors its hedonistic nose, offering up plenty of decadent fruit along with a smoky, mineral quality that serves as an alter ego to the fruit. Dry on the finish and good to the last drop; you will want to explore this intriguing wine again and again. Initially, we suggest you serve the 2004 Alfredo Roca Tocai Fruilano very chilled (38°-40° F), and then allow it to unfold slowly in the glass as it warms. Enjoy!
One of the most exciting aspects of Tocai Fruilano and the 2004 Alfredo Roca Family Reserve in particular is how well this grape and its resulting wine complements foods that are typically difficult to pair with less extroverted wines. Where other white wines fail the 2004 Alfredo Roca Tocai Fruilano shines. Spicy Chinese Chicken and Broccoli; Spring Rolls; Fried or Steamed Dumplings; and even Thai specialties like Grilled Chicken Salad with lemon grass, green onion, lime chili dressing, and a touch of curry paste would destroy most other white wines; instead, all make wonderful accompaniments to Alfredo Roca’s flavorful, highly charged Tocai Fruilano. Eggplant or Zucchini Parmesana, Italian deli specialties such as Capicollo, Mortadella, and Sopressata with fresh Buffalo Mozzarella provide other tasty treats with which to enjoy Alfredo Roca’s personality filled Tocai Fruilano. Piquant fish dishes and heavy hors d’oeuvres offer additional delights. Salud!
The past four generations of the Roca family have all been in the wine trade and since 1979 when they acquired their own family winery; they have been making some of Argentina’s most interesting and intense wines from nearly a dozen different grape varieties. The Alfredo Roca winery is located in San Rafael, an area commonly referred to as the southern oasis of Mendoza. San Rafael is in sight of the snow capped Andes and like nearly all producers in Mendoza, the Rocas irrigate their 260 acres of vineyards from Andean snow melt. Here the air is quite dry and the sun intense. Daytime temperatures are hot, too; while the evenings are nearly desert like cool. This great variation between daytime and nighttime temperatures permits a very slow even ripening of the grapes, which is reflected in the intense colors, aromatics, and flavors that characterize all of Alfredo Roca’s wines. The Alfredo Roca estate is comprised of four distinct vineyards: La Perseverancia, Las Paredes, Los Amigos, and Santa Herminia, all of which are tended by the Roca family themselves. Presently, Alfredo Roca grows Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Syrah Bonarda, and Sangiovese for making red wines and Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and a miniscule amount of a delicious Tocai Fruilano for whites. The Rocas fashion three levels of wines. Those labeled Family Reserve are the Roca’s finest offerings and they all emanate from the best barrels and the choicest parcels.
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