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Aia Vecchia Toscana Vermentino 2019

Aia Vecchia Toscana Vermentino 2019

Wine Club featured in Premier Series - 2 Whites



Wine vintage:


Grape varietals:

Vermentino, Viognier

Serving Temperature:

40°-45° F

Aia Vecchia’s 2019 Toscana Vermentino is a sophisticated blend of 95% Vermentino and 5% Viognier that brings a sun-splashed color, amplifying aromatics, and mouth-filling flavors suggestive of ripe peach, tangy citrus, and floral tones reminiscent of acacia and spring flowers, all sprinkled with a touch of sea spray from the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea for added freshness and precision. In the mouth, Aia Vecchia’s 2019 Toscana Vermentino makes an additional appeal to the senses by offering a round, creamy texture that simply offers the best of all worlds. On the palate, freshness, flavor and genuine tactile appeal all come together in Aia Vecchia’s elegant 2019 Toscana Vermentino, allowing it to slide easily down the throat and make the taster beg for more. For optimal enjoyment, we suggest affording this Tuscan treasure a moderate chill (40°-45° F) and a few minutes in the glass to reveal its ultimate charm. Enjoy!

The elegant, precise 2019 Aia Vecchia Toscana Vermentino makes a splendid companion at any time. The wine’s fresh flavors and round texture have made it one of our favorite aperitifs, but Aia Vecchia’s 2019 Vermentino offers plenty to satisfy the senses by inviting the taster to summon a second glass to accompany the delights of the Tuscan table. The folks at Aia Vecchia suggest pairing their noble Tuscan Vermentino with fresh seafood, salads, and poultry. We second that motion. After an invigorating aperitif of Aia Vecchia Toscana Vermentino, pan seared rockfish or sea bass served with a mushroom risotto provides ample testimony to the wisdom of pairing this wine with food. Lightly grilled octopus or calamari served with a dipping sauce and fresh spring rolls offers additional satisfying accompaniments. Flatbread pesto pizzas with shrimp or chicken also make excellent dinner companions to Aia Vecchia’s delicious 2019 Vermentino, as do grand salads such as a tasty Salade Nicoise. Buon Appetito!

In Bolgheri along Tuscany’s Tyrrhenian coast the Pellegrini family fashions exceptional white and red wines at Aia Vecchia that reflect Tuscany’s rich enological heritage. Founded in 1996, Aia Vecchia first came to prominence in 1998 with the release of the estate’s flagship red wine, Lagone, an elegant blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc, a wine that received immediate critical acclaim. More recently, Aia Vecchia’s finest Vermentino (this month’s feature) burst on the scene and is every bit as engaging at the estate’s premier red.

Aia Vecchia’s holdings in Bolgheri and nearby Maremma enjoy distinctive terroirs, which include unique microclimates. While the region’s deep soils, natural forests, and heady brushlands known as maquis provide biodiversity that is ideal for the cultivation of the vine, the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea provides reflective sunlight to aid in achieving physiological ripeness in the grapes. At the same time, the sea’s cooling breezes prevent the vineyards from overheating. With a variety of soils, elevations, and microclimates at their disposable, Aia Vecchia produces under the watchful eyes of the estate’s agronomist Daniel Schuster and renowned winemaker Tibor Gal five distinct varietal wines: Lagone, Morellino di Scansano, and Sor Ugo from red grapes, and several Vermentinos from the region’s indigenous white varietal, in addition to a dry rosé called Solidio – all worthy of serious attention. Aia Vecchia’s Toscana Vermentino (this month’s feature) is the estate’s flagship Vermentino.

Vermentino is one of Italy’s finest yet least known white grape varieties. Although not nearly as ubiquitous as Pinot Grigio, Trebbiano, Malvasia, and other fair-skinned varietals, Vermentino flourishes along Italy’s Mediterranean coastline where it produces fine, floral wines with crisp finishes. This is especially true in Tuscany and nearby Liguria, where it often takes the name Pigato. The islands of Sardinia and Corsica as well as the south of France are also excellent sources of Vermentino, though one would hardly guess that Vermentino thrives in France, as Vermentino is almost exclusively known as Rolle in France where it figures in many of the dry white wines of Provence. While Vermentino most often yields an aromatic, dry white wine in both Italy and France, the island of Sardinia fashions golden, unctuous Vermentinos as well as dry, complex renditions.

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