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Spring Sale 2024!
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1999 Peter Lehmann Eden Valley Riesling

1999 Peter Lehmann Eden Valley Riesling


New Zealand

Wine vintage:


Firm, full and bursting with flavor, this dry 1999 Peter Lehmann Eden Valley Riesling is no wimpy wine. When young, the wine possesses a lovely bouquet with fresh citrus and lime flavors on the palate. Deepening in color and gaining complexity with age, this Riesling will ultimately reveal more of its flesh. Although Lehmann’s wines drink well young, they age beautifully. As testimony to the quality of Peter Lehmann, Eden Valley Riesling from the 1982 and 1993 vintages won dry Riesling of the show at the 1991 and 1998 London International Wine & Spirit Competitions.
This is one of the few dry Rieslings that’s really dry, it makes a wonderful accompaniment to oysters, as well as Shrimp on the Barbie. We also recommend it with red snapper and dishes prepared with fresh ginger, especially when consumed in its youth. Enjoy mates!
Peter Lehmann: A Zealot’s Faith Guided by the legendary Peter Lehmann, the South Australia winery that bears his name makes an interesting array of delicious, full-flavored wines. One sip of Lehmann’s firm, palate-pleasing Riesling, or dry Graves-style Semillon will convince you that this is no ordinary, run of the mill commercial winery. Every aspect of this father and son operation is overseen by Peter Lehmann, the doyen of the Barossa, with a zealot’s faith and enthusiasm. With over fifty years of Barossa Valley vintages to his credit, Peter Lehmann still possess’s the energy and unbridled exuberance of a young man. It should come as no surprise that this man’s wines possess all of the personality and character of their creator. Whether it be a dry white, a sweet, dessert-style wine, or one of Lehmann’s magnificent, textured reds, you can count on finding individuality and quality in every bottle of this winery’s offerings. To insure optimum consumer enjoyment and offer his wines the ultimate protection from the sun, all of Peter Lehmann’s wines are shipped in special UV resistant glass bottles.
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