1999 Boutari Kretikos Cretan Red

1999 Boutari Kretikos Cretan Red



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The 1999 Boutari Kretikos Red was "born and bred" on Crete, an island with a long tradition of viticulture. The vibrant, ruby red robe and lively, spicy, fruit driven aromas and flavors of this wine reflect the Cretan passion for life and creativity. Smooth, dry and easy to drink, the Boutari Kretikos is as balanced and beautiful as a sunny spring day along the azure coast of this classical land. Produced solely from indigenous grape varietals (Kotsifali and Montilaria), Kretikos is testimony to the quality and individuality of native varietals, as well as the expertise of the folks at Boutari.
Pasta, roasted meats and sharp cheese are the traditional food pairings with the red wines of Crete. A homemade pizza with black olives and a roast leg of lamb with a black olive paste remain two of our favorite dishes with this delicious wine. Moussaka and Spanakopeta are also wonderful companions to the red Boutari Kretikos, underscoring the wine's versatility. Traditional American fare works well, too. Enjoy!
The Boutari Winery, founded in 1879 by Yauni Boutari, represents the very finest in Greek wines. From a single winery outside of Naoussa in northern Greece, Boutari now owns and operates six other wineries throughout Greece, from Macedonia to Attica and the islands of Paros, Santorini and Crete. Each individual winery specializes in the production of its region's unique wines. By resurrecting the unique qualities of the indigenous grape varieties of classical Greece, and by sometimes combining those ancient varieties with premium French varietals such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Boutari has elevated the quality of wines from this most ancient of wine growing countries. Today, Boutari is the world's number one selling Greek wine, evidence of having earned its rightful place on any fine table. Boutari is also the only Greek winery to have earned Wine and Spirits prestigious International Winery of the Year Award.
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