Why Serve Wine at Thanksgiving

Fall WineFor me, Thanksgiving remains a day to be truly thankful – a day to remember that faith, family, friends, health, and abundance should never be taken for granted. I, for one, am grateful that I don’t have to drink a wine I don’t like, but that’s just a perk behind my position. Hopefully, parades, football, and the specter of Black Friday shopping haven’t totally obliterated the meaning of Thanksgiving, but there is one great aspect to enjoying the day’s feasting: drinking amazing wines that pair perfectly with the meal.

Thanksgiving is a day to reacquaint myself with gratitude for all that is good in life, and that includes gratitude for fine wine. Gratitude may be the least appreciated of all virtues, but at least in America we have a day set aside to remind us to practice gratitude and give thanks.

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to spend time with those we care about the most, but more importantly, this holiday is a day to share the finest wines with family, friends, and whoever else shows up for dinner or simply to say hello.

So, what are the best wines to serve at Thanksgiving? I’ll be answering that question in my next blog post. Until then, think about what wines you might like to include with your Thanksgiving dinner, and read up a little on our Food and Wine Pairing Guide to get an idea of how to pair your favorite holiday dishes with fine wines!