Why Did You Choose That Wine?

On our website and in past blogs I’ve discussed how we choose wines for our clubs, but the recent question “Why did you choose that wine?” by a friend and long time club member made me realize that perhaps more needs to be said on this issue.  My friend’s question was immediately followed by another question: “Why did you choose that wine and not another one?”  In short, the answer is this: Collectively, our tasting panels liked the wine we chose better than similar wines we tasted.  However, there is more to selecting a wine for the club than just liking a particular wine.  At  The International Wine of the Month Club we are committed to selecting the highest quality and value we can find from around the world.  Consequently, we cannot in good faith choose wines primarily from one nation or locale.  Certainly, that would be a much easier task but also less interesting.  More importantly, we would not be educating our members, nor would we be providing them the promised service of delivering to them outstanding international wines each month.  Sadly, there are times when we must pass on a number of very good wines simply because we have found a wine from elsewhere that is equally exciting and unique.  Variety is indeed the spice of life, and nowhere is that adage more telling than in the world of wine.  There are so many fine wines, yet so little time.  Instead of being sad about the loss, we are elated.  Who would wish to have all the time in the world to drink bad wine?