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What’s Your Favorite Wine?

Once someone realizes what I do for a living, I anticipate the question.  I can’t help it.  I’m not telepathic, but I know what’s coming.  And invariably, “the question” does come:  What’s your favorite wine?  I used to answer the question with a litany of favorites, but after decades of wine tasting I have more favorites than I can count, so that conversation can go on for a very long time.  So now I respond to the question with “the wine in my glass.”  A true statement, simply because I don’t drink wine that doesn’t please me and the fact that a particular wine remains in my glass offers testimony to the immediate gratification it is providing me.  Hence, a new favorite wine!

This candid but somewhat flippant sounding response also frees me to recall a few special wines and to ask the questioner about his or her favorite wines – a topic that I find more intriguing than my own preferences.  What I have come to conclude from others’ responses is that everyone’s palate is a bit different.  And although most experienced wine drinkers can reach a consensus on a wine, they don’t always.  Why? Ambiance, experience, or lack of experience, personal preferences, and whatever else a person has consumed that day can alter one’s perception of a wine.  Moreover, I have learned over the years that there are only three immutable facts about wine drinking, and they are these: no one can drink a label (even though some people try, either to impress or to hide their lack of experience), a price tag (that’s only for snobs), or anyone else’s palate (a true waste of time and wine).  Think about it!


A Votre Santé!


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