What to Look for in 2012

South Africa is the world’s ninth largest producer of wine and in recent years, South African wine has become the fastest growing imported wine into the United States.  Although hardly a match yet in sheer volume for Argentina, Australia, France, Italy, or Spain, there is no denying that South Africa is making an array of exciting wines that appeal to Americans.  The South African wine industry has transformed itself since the end of Apartheid and continues to evolve in new and exciting ways.  Not only is there now no shortage of world class red wines being made in South Africa, there is also a bevy of delectable white wines to choose from.

On my recent trip to the Western Cape, I was particularly impressed by the delicious Sauvignon Blancs, Chenin Blancs, Viognier blends, and even by a number of outstanding Chardonnays.  Yet, red wine still reigns supreme in South Africa.  Stellenbosch and the surrounding regions have long been known for distinctive, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz based wines as well as South Africa’s unique grape variety, Pinotage, and these wines are all better than ever.  I also found a number of South African Merlot wines to be especially tasty.  Consequently, in 2012 you should look for a number of South African beauties, both red and white, to show up at your doorstep.


A Votre Santé!