Wait a minute … who manages this thing?

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself, Kristina Manning, C&H Clubs Customer Service Manager. I am proud to say we have a top notch Customer Service Team! I’d like to share with everyone C&H Clubs Customer service mission statement as it’s what drives our focus everyday we clock in: “We are committed to providing excellent customer service through knowledge, enthusiasm, courtesy and attentiveness. Meeting our customers’ expectations is our top priority.”

Companies talk about the importance of customer service all the time, but we truly believe in it. We here at C&H Clubs believe that besides the quality and variety of our wines, our customer service is just as important as the beautiful selections we choose.

We love hearing from our members about their experiences with our wines, so give us a call anytime to share your thoughts on the wines you have tried from us. Wine is in fact one of my passions and I will share with you what I thought about a wine from time to time and maybe some fun and random things going on out there in the wine world.

Give us a call if you ever have any concerns about our selections or delivery of your wines to your door. That’s what we’re here for!



Kristina Manning

Customer Service Manager