The Wonders of Spanish Wine

At a recent panel tasting, we were truly blown away by the quality and incredible value of the Spanish wines we tasted.  It is no secret that for a decade or more Spain has been the source of some of the very best red wines made anywhere in the world.  And the outstanding offerings from Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Priorat we tasted that night from top bodegas were no disappointment.  In fact, they were truly outstanding.  Yet, what impressed us the most were wines from lesser known regions and relatively obscure red and white varietals.  An old vine Bobal from La Mancha, a blend of Syrah, Merlot and Graciano from Aragon, and Godello and Mencia offerings from Bierzo were some of the evening’s favorites, and not one of those wines has a retail price of more than $17.00.

This recent experience just reinforces our belief that no matter how hard the marketing gurus try to convince us otherwise, we can never drink a label or a price tag.  Moreover, wine drinkers will find a treasure trove of interesting, tasty, well made wines from names and places they have never heard of, and nowhere will their search be more fruitful than in Spain.  Look for some of these gems to appear as upcoming monthly features.  In the meantime, happy hunting!