The Golden Age of Wine

This is truly “The Golden Age of Wine.”  Never before in the thousands of years of recorded human history has wine been better than it is today.  Have great wines been made in times past?  Absolutely!  But never has there been so many good wines produced than in the last two decades, and nowhere is this truer than in Spain.  Although Spain is the latest wine producing powerhouse to experience an oenological renaissance, it has caught up to the other big boys in a hurry, and in many cases surpassed other wine producing nations in both the quality and value it offers the wine drinker.  Once known almost exclusively for its rich traditional Rioja Reservas and fine Sherries, Spain now fashions an enormous array of delicious wines, both red and white, from every corner of the country.  And happily Spain has not thrown the proverbial baby out with the bath water: instead contemporary and traditional styles of wines prevail in Spain, across the oenological spectrum.  From the bright, fresh white wines of Galicia and Rueda to the impeccably aged wines of Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Priorat and Jerez, Spain offers the wine consumer tremendous quality, value, and variety.  If you haven’t already experienced the delightful works of Spain’s wine masters, it’s about time you did.  After all, this is Spain’s Golden Age of Wine, so why not take part in Spain’s El Siglo de Oro del Vino.