For the Love of the Grape, Red or White?

In a perfect world, everyone’s partner would share our deep and abiding affection for the vino.  Mine does and it makes things so much easier.  I’m so grateful that we both enjoy tastings and good wine!

However, his preference is red wine only, whereas I like both.  We have wine with our dinner almost every evening, and we do eat a fair amount of white meat and fish.  So, I do have my share of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, etc and he has his usual Cabernet Sauvignon, no matter what traditional pairings suggest.  As often as not though, two bottles are open on our dinner table.  We purchase more red wines than white because of this, and therefore have more red wines in our collection than whites.

So how about you – when it comes to wine, is there ever any domestic tension over your purchasing and consumption habits with your significant other?