Don’s November Premier Series Top Picks

Decisions, decisions . . . which wines will get this month’s top spots?  Well, for starters, the number one Top Pick goes to Poggio ai Mandorli’s elegant, sophisticated, downright tasty 2007 Chianti Classico Riserva.  The handiwork of a fine estate and a great vintage (growing conditions were nearly ideal in Tuscanyin 2007), we haven’t come across an estate bottled Chianti Classico Riserva that offers more quality and value than the 2007 Poggio ai Mandorli Riserva.   Enjoy this tasty affordable gem now and for at least several more years.  Our second Top Pick gives me palpitations.  Why?  Each of the other three offerings is truly special.  Loca’s 2010 Cariñena Tempranillo is simply downright tasty, and a fabulous value.  Emile Beyer’s 2010 Pinot Blanc demonstrates genuine crowd pleasing appeal, and the 2011 Château Trignon Roussanne provides ample evidence of just how fine the white wine from the rare Roussanne vine can be.  Considering the difficulty involved in cultivating Roussanne and the grape’s rarity, I must award my second Top Pick to Château Trignon’s 2011 Roussanne, but as you like it.  A votre santé!