Don’s November Premier Series Top Pick

Knights whiskyAlthough each November feature is truly a contender for this month’s Top Pick, the choice comes down to two personal palate pleasers: Boschendal S&M (Shiraz Mourvèdre) 2012, a gorgeous, hedonistic Shiraz Mourvèdre blend, and Mont Marçal’s delicate, tasty vintage Reserve Cava, a sparkling wine that’s ideal to kick off any occasion.

Previous vintages of Mont Marçal have enjoyed plenty of well-deserved accolades, as does the 2011 Mont Marçal Brut. However, I have to go with the Boschendal S&M (Shiraz Mourvèdre) 2012, a smooth, flavor-filled blend which recently made its North American debut.

Consequently, Boschendal’s 2012 S&M earns the Rookie of the Month Award and this month’s Top Pick. Enjoy!