Don’s November Collector’s Series Top Picks

November presented me with some especially tough choices. I really enjoyed the 2005 Croze Cabernet Sauvignon (November’s other feature), but since Joseph Perrier’s outstanding Cuvée Royale Brut Champagne and Pasanau’s 2008 Ceps Nous Priorat offer such an ideal combination of wines to plan a dinner party around, I couldn’t help but give them top billing this month.  Joseph Perrier (not to be confused with the less expensive and more commercial Perriet Jouet) produces traditional non-vintage Champagne of the highest order.  Also, I have always found the quality of Joseph Perrier’s Cuvée Royale to be extremely consistent.

Meanwhile, Pasanau’s 2008 Ceps Nous sheds a new light on Priorat, a wine that is enjoying considerable favor at the moment.  Priorats are full-bodied Spanish wines that offer tremendous flavor, but they can at times be tough and brooding, especially when young.  Conversely, Ceps Nous offers our members an authentic Priorat experience without having to wait years for enjoyment.  There is a certain sophistication in Ceps Nous, too, that is absent in many other Priorats.  Moreover, the 2008 Ceps Nous will continue to improve in bottle for years to come, which excites me.

A Votre Santé!