Don’s May Premier Series Top Picks

copa-cavaThis month’s first Top Pick has to be the 2009 Torre Oria Cava.  This is a sparkling wine that both refreshes and stimulates.  Furthermore, it’s a proven crowd pleaser.  Equally important, it doesn’t pretend to be French Champagne or something it’s not.  It’s Spanish Cava through and through.  It tastes wonderful au naturel or as an accompaniment to all kinds of foods, including spicy Asian dishes.  It also makes a splendid cocktail.  One of my favorite ways to begin an evening is to put a ripe, scented strawberry at the bottom of a flute, add just a dash of Grand Marnier, and then fill the glass with Torre Oria. It’s a excellent way to start the weekend or make some new friends.  Why not give it a try?  My second Top Pick belongs to Vistalba’s Corte C.  For me, this second Top Pick is a tough choice because I really like Domaine du Tauch’s delicious, easy to drink Fitou from the South of France. Yet, Vistalba’s wine is equally impressive for different reasons.  Vistalba’s Corte C is a gratifying blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon that will continue to gain further depth and complexity over time.  It also makes a great accompaniment now to steaks and barbecue.  Vistalba’s wines are more than a cut above your average Argentine Malbec and Cabernet, and Corte C delivers the evidence.   A votre santé.  Don