Don’s February Collector’s Series Top Picks

I really like the variety as well as the quality of this month’s features, so I may as well throw a dart at the labels of this month’s offerings and whatever labels the first two darts land upon get to be Top Picks.  All right, I suppose that won’t do.  Consequently, it would be a crime to leave out Querciola’s 2008 Barolo.  Barolo is one of Italy’s top two wines.  Among Italian wines, only Brunello di Montalcino can compete in price, quality, and overall regard with Barolo.  Secondly, 2008 is an excellent vintage in Barolo and should not to be missed by serious wine lovers.  And most importantly, Querciola fashions beautiful, elegant Barolo.  So, Querciola’s 2008 Barolo merits the honor of this month’s first Top Pick.  Now, it gets more complicated.  Morgadio’s 2011 Albarino could easily serve as the poster child for Albarino, Spain’s top white grape variety.  But Losada’s 2009 Bierzo Mencia is simply knock out gorgeous.  Our tasting panels couldn’t get enough of this Mencia, made from the ancient Mencia grape variety that has really come into its own in the last decade.  So, if I have to choose, Losada’s 2009 Mencia gets my other vote for Top Pick.  It is one of a hand full of wonderful Mencia wines that have convinced me of the greatness of the varietal.   A votre santé.